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Federal agency sets its sights on a faster, more cost-effective medical claims processing solution



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A federal agency that processes medical records and claim forms for its clients was refreshing a portion of its large scanner fleet. Believing that there might be faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective solutions than those offered by its current provider, the agency began looking for alternatives.

Rugged, reliable, and versatile

With busy offices handling an ever-increasing volume of claims forms, the agency needed units that could scan 60 pages per minute and up to 20,000 pages per day with minimal downtime. However, as they often work in fairly tight quarters, processing teams needed scanners with a space-saving design.

The agency began its search by reaching out to Namtek, a Kodak Alaris Authorized Reseller with several large federal contracts. “With my company’s strong working relationship with the federal government, our goal is always to deliver products and services that have a compelling value proposition,” says Keith Turgeon, President of Namtek.

To find the perfect scanner for the client’s needs and budget, Turgeon turned to Kodak Alaris. “The agency was working with another scanner provider, but wasn’t sure their current solution was optimal,” says Darryl Hillery, Major Accounts Sales Manager, Kodak Alaris.

“They needed a scanner that could provide high-volume output but that had the right ‘form factor’ for their minimal office space. The Kodak i3450 Scanner offered the perfect combination of features, including an ergonomically efficient design, advanced feeder capability, and the added benefit of Energy Star certification. In this situation, we were able to offer a solution that not only met but exceeded the government’s specifications, and at a significant cost saving.”

The agency also needed an integrated flatbed, which the i3450 provides. That feature, along with its straight-through paper path, gives them the flexibility to handle a wide range of mixed-size and variable weight documents, from thick stock to extra-long forms. The result is reliable throughput in color and black and white, at 200 or 300 dpi, on images and text.

Onboard intelligence and compatibility with mission-critical software

Another selling point for the agency was the impressive imaging capability of the i3450, enabled in part by its state-of-the-art LED light source. This feature helps to ensure that scans of the important medical records and claims documents they handle are completely legible. The scanner’s Intelligent Document Protection feature is also highly valued, as it avoids potential document damage by detecting staples, paper clips, or other blockages that can slow the scanning process.

To streamline the processing of claims, the agency uses a third-party software package. When tested by the provider to ensure compatibility, the i3450 passed with flying colors, making it easier to move ahead with the implementation.

“The fact that the scanner works well with the provider’s processing software is a testament to the unit’s native intelligence and flexibility,” says Hillery. “The agency was impressed with the results of the certification process, and saw the i3450’s compatibility as another proof point of its unmatched value.”

When the team evaluating the Kodak Alaris offering saw that it would allow them to be even more efficient and effective in their work while also saving money, they were elated. It's not often that you enjoy that kind of win-win situation. Darryl Hillary Major Account Sales Manager, Kodak Alaris

Cutting costs, not corners

Like all groups within the federal government, this agency has a responsibility to operate as costeffectively as possible. What they discovered after evaluating the i3450 Scanner is that not only could it deliver better performance and reliability, it could do so at a lower cost.

A shared commitment to service

While the functionality and reliability of the i3450 Scanner is what sold the agency on the unit, they were also impressed with the service offered by Kodak Alaris. Not only can they rely on one of the industry’s best support teams, they get time-saving, productivity-enhancing assistance from Kodak Alaris’ Field Engineers. These technicians help the agency set up its new devices and provide instruction on how to maintain them, allowing staff to get up to speed quickly.

“I’ve had calls from the agency’s IT group expressing how happy they are with the i3450s,” says Hillery. “And they’ve backed up that praise with a number of new orders.”


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