AIIM 2015: From Information Chaos to Intelligent Insight for Digital Transformation

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According to AIIM, the business of information management is impacted by a number of disruptive forces in the IT market, driving organizations into a state of “information chaos.” Legacy processes for managing mail, email and fax are highly manual, disjointed and costly. Too often, this leads to an inability to satisfy customers, stay competitive and drive business growth.

“With the explosive growth of apps, social media and personal devices, expectations for great customer service are at an all-time high,” said Rod Hughes, General Manager, Software & Solutions for Kodak Alaris’ Information Management division. “Customers expect a fast, complete, accurate response to their inquiries. But often, their questions arrive in completely unstructured formats from a variety of communication channels. Imagine manually sorting through thousands of customer requests per day. It’s easy to see how the process of delivering great customer experiences could become quite chaotic.”

The AIIM Conference 2015 explores approaches to reduce information chaos and drive digital transformation in business. Kodak Alaris is presenting solutions and sharing strategies for making the leap from document capture to intelligent information management at the conference. On Wednesday, March 18, Rod Hughes will participate in the Industry Insights 2020 Expert Panel. Hughes will join Thornton May, futurist and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy, and a panel of industry experts for a conversation about the future of information management and the need for business process transformation to succeed.

Also on Wednesday, March 18, David Constantine, Director of Marketing, Software & Solutions for Kodak Alaris’ Information Management division, will facilitate a roundtable on the topic, Document Capture: Dying Process vs. Strategic Business Application. “We’ll be talking about the future of scanning and the fundamental shift from document capture to information capture as the number of communication channels continues to grow,” said Constantine. “One of the most important questions is, ‘how are organizations unlocking the value of all the information that’s trapped within their documents?’ We’ll share some interesting data points and discuss best practices.”

Kodak Alaris is exhibiting in Booth 25, where attendees can see a demonstration of the KODAK Info Insight Platform. “With Info Insight we are automating business transactions, ensuring faster and better responses to customers,” said Hughes. “The artificial intelligence-based solution makes dynamic business workflows more efficient, overcoming the limitations of rules-based solutions. Info Insight learns over time from expert users and adjusts to new situations as business conditions change. Our customers have achieved amazing results, making workflows more efficient and increasing customer retention.”

Organizations around the world, including a number of globally recognized brands, are using this technology to successfully manage an abundance of information while slashing costs and improving customer experience. Examples include:

  • One of the top three global logistics providers is resolving 80% of customer inquiries in less than two hours—a fourfold improvement leading to a 20% reduction in customer service cost
  • A health insurance provider has reduced the response time by a factor of 10, from an average of 10 minutes to only 62 seconds, replacing a manual process of sorting, routing and processing inquiries
  • One of the top European utility providers exceeded its customer satisfaction and cost savings targets by shifting from manual processes to automatically classifying and extracting relevant data from 80% of customer communications

Info Insight understands and extracts data from any unstructured document, regardless of the original source or channel (email, text, social, web chat, etc.). It reads and identifies the nature of any communication and accurately classifies it without being limited by pre-defined keywords. Based on its understanding of the content of a communication, Info Insight validates and augments that communication with other related customer data wherever it resides, for example in CRM and ERP systems, databases, the cloud or proprietary legacy systems. As a result, businesses have a complete view of all relevant customer information needed to complete a business transaction—a key cornerstone of digital transformation.

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AIIM has been an advocate and supporter of information professionals for 70 years. The association’s mission is to ensure that information professionals understand the current and future challenges of managing information assets in an era of social, mobile, cloud and big data. Founded in 1943, AIIM builds on a strong heritage of research and member service. Today, AIIM is a global, non-profit organization that provides independent research, education and certification programs to information professionals. AIIM represents the entire information management community, with programs and content for practitioners, technology suppliers, integrators and consultants.

AIIM 2015 in San Diego, CA on March 18-20, 2015 will bring delegates from across the globe to learn how they can help their organizations embrace the chaos and experience a digital transformation.

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