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Maverick Group uses Kodak i2900 scanners to increase output by 50%, ensuring quality and productivity

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The Maverick Group dramatically increases output and delivers the high-quality service its customers expect

The Maverick Group’s excellent work has led to sustained expansion for two decades. And in recent years, that impressive growth curve began to turn even more sharply upward thanks to an ever-growing list of projects completed on-time and error-free. As company President Jose Rodriguez looked to the future, he began to question whether the company’s existing devices could keep up.

“The jobs we handle often involve high volumes — like processing 300 bankers’ boxes of documents for the ‘discovery’ phase of a legal proceeding. As we continued to take on more clients, I was no longer confident that our existing equipment would allow us to meet our customers’ needs going forward,” he says. “That’s why I started looking into a better solution and turned to a business process outsourcing provider and Kodak Alaris for help.”


Making the move from copying to scanning

The Maverick Group was originally focused on producing and managing paper copies for its clients. As the company started taking on scanning projects, it initially used the minimal scanning capabilities of its Multifunction Printers (MFP) to perform those tasks. However, Rodriguez and his team quickly realized that they needed the speed, quality, and reliability of dedicated scanners.

“The people at The Maverick Group are experts in their field,” says the solution provider. “It didn’t take them long to figure out that scanning services were going to become a key component of their revenue stream. And from there, the next logical step in their growth strategy was to purchase advanced technology specifically designed for the task.”

“After getting a demo, we purchased one scanner from Kodak Alaris, and we quickly fell in love with it,” says Rodriguez. “The quality was impeccable, and the functionality was outstanding. It has enabled our business to grow because we’re frequently exceeding customer expectations in terms of turnaround time and quality.”


The right tools for addressing volume and complexity

Not only is The Maverick Group handling volumes that are growing significantly every quarter, the complexity of the work has increased as well. Which means, cutting-edge capabilities and applications like Perfect Page technology, Smart Touch functionality, and Capture Pro Software are critical. They allow for better quality, more intuitive operation, and increased productivity. The advanced indexing capabilities also make it easier for scanned documents to be imported into customers’ document management systems. It’s all part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem which helps to take the complexity out of information capture. Learn more at www.alarisin2.com.

We didn't come to Kodak Alaris for machines, we came to them for a solution Company President Jose Rodriguez

“We didn’t come to Kodak Alaris for machines, we came to them for a solution,” says Rodriguez. “And they delivered. The fact that we can do things like preview pages on the PC and perform quality control checks before saving them, add pages when a long job starts today and finishes tomorrow, scan two sides of a document at once, and rescan a portion of a document with different settings to improve its quality helps us complete jobs more quickly, efficiently, and accurately.”

“The Maverick Group is finding out that there’s a lot to be said for high-quality, dedicated scanners,” says the solution provider. “Like the built-in page counter and ultrasonic misfeed detection features ensure that large jobs aren’t missing pages in the end. And high OCR read-rates are a dynamic benefit as well because they ensure you don’t end up with degraded throughput that can occur when using a product that’s not designed for high volumes. Plus, you can get the latest OCR software for your scanner simply by pressing a button. The advantage of using true workgroup scanners is huge for a business process outsourcing operation like Jose’s.”


Rapid support speaks volumes

Even with scanners from Kodak Alaris that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have industryleading reliability, problems can occur. Such was the case with one of the scanners delivered to The Maverick Group. But rather than shake the company’s faith in the devices they purchased, the situation actually reaffirmed it. 

Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

“The response from Kodak Alaris when we reported the problem was fantastic. They went above and beyond to get it resolved, in my opinion, and it spoke volumes about how committed they are to customer satisfaction,” says Rodriguez. “A new device was on its way to us within 24 hours and we were operating at full capacity again in no time. I like to say that you get your best gauge of a company not when things are going right but when things go wrong. This situation confirmed to me that we had made the right decision in going with scanners from Kodak Alaris.”

When asked about his overall experience with Kodak Alaris and his Kodak i2900 Scanners, Rodriguez replied, “To say that we’ve increased our productivity by 50-percent would be an understatement. The gains in efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction with the Kodak Alaris solution is something I can’t even put a dollar figure on because it’s that dramatic. The highest compliment I can pay is to say, without hesitation, that we will continue to exclusively use scanners from Kodak Alaris.”

관련 솔루션

Kodak i2900 Scanner (Office)

i2900 스캐너

  • 최대 60ppm 컬러/흑백
  • 책 모서리(Book-edge) 플랫베드 스캐너 내장
  • 맞춤형 사용자 인터페이스
Alaris Capture Pro

Capture Pro Software

  • 용지를 주로 사용하는 작업에 안성맞춤
  • ECM 시스템과 완벽한 통합
  • 네트워크 및 가져오기 모듈 사용 가능


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