High Speed Processing

Scanning and document capture is becoming increasingly complex. To avoid mismanaging data and slowing down operational processes, enterprise companies need a high-speed processing scanning solution that streamlines operations, lowers operating costs, and offers exceptional results. The ImageTrac family of high-speed, high-volume document scanners can accelerate business processes and eliminate exceptions in the most demanding document imaging, document management and workflow ECM environments.


Intelligence features designed to cope with the most demanding scanning environments 
The staff time to deal with documents pre and post scanning contribute to more than 75% of total cost of scanning. IBML’s intelligent scanning technology helps customers to reduce their total cost of capture by:

  • Re-using separator sheets from large batches reducing costs of separator sheets in scanning
  • Out sorting to different pockets based on the content of documents reducing post scan document assembly costs
  • Intelligent exception handling detects errors or missing information in documents early in the capture process to avoid costly repetition
  • Left-justified feeding simplifies inserting mixed documents into a scanner and helps save time and money as jams are minimized and document preparation time reduced
  • Intelligent printing based on document content helps secure document capture process and creates audit trails for records management and compliance purposes enabling easier retrieval of physical records

High Speed Processing


ibml FUSiON

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