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ScanMate+ 应用程序

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使用该应用程序查找附近的 ScanMate i1150WN 无线扫描仪,将纸张放入扫描仪并按“扫描”。然后,扫描的影像出现在设备上。您可以将该影像通过电子邮件分享,上传到应用程序或保留在设备上。该应用程序免费并可从 iTunes App Store 或 Google Play Store 获取。

ScanMate+ App

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Use the app to find an i1150WN, i1190WN, S2060w or S2080w wireless scanner close by, put some paper in the scanner and press scan. The scanned image will then appear on your device. You can share it via email, upload to an app, or keep it on your device. The app is free and available from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.

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