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雖然說 BYOD 和行動裝置的廣泛使用穩定地減少紙張用量 - 現實是無紙化辦公室仍是大部分人的夢想。

不是我們缺乏無紙化的技術,而是我們不想去除日常活動中所使用的紙張。 從紙張為主轉型成無紙流程最大的障礙之一便是抗拒改變,且儘管紙本文件工作流程是效率與成長的絆腳石,人們之所以持續使用紙張,只因為這是他們一直以來的習慣作法。

事實上,根據 Quocirca 於 2016 年針對數位化與工作流程自動化所進行研究的關鍵結果之一是,紙張仍是許多企業的重要元素。 Quocirca 訪問了位於美國、英國、法國和德國的 200 個組織,受訪者表示百分之 27 的企業流程以紙張為主。 報告引述的首要原因為:實體簽名 (百分之 55 percent)、客戶/供應商需要 (百分之 48),以及最值得注意的,員工偏好紙張 (百分之 41)。

Kodak Alaris Digital Transformation


企業正被資料所淹沒。 企業每天面臨從各種與不同來源流入與流出組織的爆量資訊。 這造成改善營運效率與透過數位轉型帶動成長的迫切需求。

根據 Quocirca 的調查結果,超過三分之二 (百分之 69) 的企業流程自動化領導認可這個看法,他們表示,數位化文件對於其資訊管理策略非常重要。

紙張有其限制,因為必須實體移動、且需要空間加以儲存,這些都會降低企業轉型的速度,並且可能遺失。 此外,除非紙本文件都經過掃描,不像備份的電子檔,其中包含的資料並無法用於工作流程,或從共用的儲存系統加以存取。

企業必須規劃無接縫連結實體與數位資料世界的資訊管理策略,以最大化所有資料的價值。 但是,參於 Quocirca 研究的組織不到一半 (百分之 44) 導入管理紙本文件和數位資訊的政策。

Kodak Alaris Digital Transformation

The Benefits of Paperless

Data chaos is most rampant at the threshold between physical and digital documents and as such, effective document capture, via a combination of scanners, software and services, is vital.

The Quocirca study points to the fact that effective capture is key to the integration of paper and digital documents to deliver faster access to business information, bring improved productivity and enable faster decision-making. The study found that the three key drivers for information capture are improved searchability (38 percent), reduced physical storage (26 percent) and improved shareability (34 percent).

Kodak Alaris Digital Transformation

Cross the finish line

In today’s DX economy, paper-based processes, disconnected information silos, and slow access to information are holding businesses back. Digital transformation is the key to increased productivity, greater business insights, accelerated growth and a sustainable competitive edge.

In an increasingly digital world, organizations are facing entirely new Enterprise Content Management (ECM), information management and data challenges. Even so, it’s easy to forget that many still sit on mountains of paper that need to be digitized and turned into actionable information. Extracting data from paper-based documents and integrating it into electronic workflows, enables organizations to remove manual data entry tasks and time from business processes.

While data chaos can lead to complexity and lost productivity in the workplaces, it does however present an opportunity for organizations to improve their processes, resulting in the frictionless flow of information, simplified workflows and more reliable data. As more organizations implement digital transformation strategies, taking their old fashioned paper-based workflows digital, they are reaping the benefit of an improved ROI and increased customer satisfaction.

Beat the complexity

62 percent of businesses polled by Quocirca said that complexity is the top barrier to deploying document capture technology. The Alaris IN2 Ecosystem has been designed to take the complexity out of information capture. This powerful combination of best-in-class scanners, software, services and partnerships, helps organizations seamlessly extract information from documents to increase productivity, enhance customer experiences and ultimately drive revenue growth.

The Alaris IN2 Ecosystems’ unique approach delivers the right fit with seamless integration into customer environments, the right experience that simplifies information capture, and the right results that deliver superior business value and higher ROI.

To learn more about the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem: www.alarisIN2.com


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Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

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Strategies for Digital Transformation

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