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The Difference Between Document Capture and IDP—and Why It Matters

Every industry and area of technology has its own jargon—the words, phrases, and abbreviations that are largely meaningless to outsiders but common to the people within each sector. In our industry, the difference between two terms often requires clarification: document capture, and intelligent document processing, or IDP. These terms are related, but quite different in their scope. Read Article >>

Nicholas Clarke
Field Engineer

The Better Way to Onboard Your Business Information header The Better Way to Onboard Your Business Information Thumb

The Better Way to Onboard Your Business Information

In today's digital-first business landscape, the need to acquire and process paper-based information remains a critical component of many workflows. Important documents of diverse types and sizes are still routine inputs into business systems, from invoices and insurance claims to customer documents for things like patient onboarding. Read Article >>

Skyscraper Skyscraper

Mastering BPO Efficiency with KODAK Info Input Solution

As a partner business development specialist for Kodak Alaris, I'm excited to share another success story from the front lines of digital transformation. Tronitech, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company and a strategic partner to Kodak Alaris, caters to a diverse range of clients across various sectors. Their daily grind involves managing various document types, from medical records to manufacturing invoices. Read Article >>

IDC Report IDC Report

Kodak Alaris: Shaping the Next Wave of Intelligent Document Processing

Many organizations around the world are using intelligent document processing (IDP) software to accelerate information onboarding and take document intelligence to higher levels of automation, accuracy, and efficiency. At Kodak Alaris, we recently announced a new business solutions organization dedicated to the IDP market to help partners and customers get up to speed with—and then get ahead of—this powerful technology trend. Although, it’s less of a “trend” in the way people talk about Twitter and TikTok trends, and more of just…the foreseeable future of document processing and information management. Read Article >>

Keypoint Intelligence Awards 2024 for Kodak Alaris BLI Keypoint Award

Kodak Alaris Awarded Outstanding Solution for Intelligent Document Processing by Keypoint Intelligence

We're proud to announce that Kodak Alaris has been awarded two Buyers Lab (BLI) Awards: for KODAK Info Input Solution as an Outstanding Intelligent Document Processing Solution, and a 2024-2025 Pacesetter Award for Excellence as a Capture & IDP Partner. Read Article >>

Node Processing Node Processing

The Smart Way to Automate Document Processing Workflows

As a specialist in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses to help them streamline their document processing workflows and automate their data onboarding processes. In today's business environment, the ability to process information quickly and efficiently is critical to staying ahead of the competition. That's why IDP solutions like KODAK Info Input Solution have become so valuable to businesses of all kinds. Read Article >>

This Digitization Story Is a Model for Government Agencies hero Bexar County Documents Thumbnail

This Digitization Story Is a Model for Government Agencies

The County Clerk’s Office in Bexar County, Texas serves as an inspiring tale for all organizations struggling with gigantic backlogs of paper records—especially government offices that are challenged with a constant stream of incoming documents and long-standing records retention mandates. Read Article >>

Take Records Management to a Higher Level hero Take Records Management to a Higher Level thumb

Take Records Management to a Higher Level

No matter what type of business you’re in, your records management system is the heart of your organization, and it must be efficient, secure, and reliable to stay competitive. Onboarding large quantities of data can be overwhelming for individuals and teams, leading to inefficiencies and lost time. But it doesn't have to be this way. Read Article >>

Automate Handwriting Recognition to Maximize Productivity hero Automate Handwriting Recognition to Maximize Productivity thumb

Automate Handwriting Recognition to Maximize Productivity

Even in today’s digital-first workplace, documents filled out by hand are often part of everyday work, especially in industries like healthcare, public administration, tax and accounting, insurance, banking, and logistics. In the past, the digitization of this data involved considerable time and manual effort because automation technologies couldn’t handle the wide variability of handwritten text. Read Article >>

Supercharge-Your-Mailroom-Productivity-hero Supercharge Your Mailroom Productivity thumb

Supercharge Your Mailroom Productivity

Most enterprises have a busy mailroom with a variety of incoming document types to process. Each day, mailroom employees manage a steady stream of documents of varying lengths, thicknesses, and quality, and they all must be quickly scanned and distributed to the right people. It’s a critical part of everyday business that many people overlook. Read Article >>

Simplifying Patient Onboarding for Healthcare Professionals hero Simplifying Patient Onboarding for Healthcare Professionals thumb

Simplifying Patient Onboarding for Healthcare Professionals

We all know how busy healthcare providers and administrators can be. Every day brings a new wave of incoming patients. Each visit produces data that must be securely stored and accessible immediately. Medical records must be accurately maintained in a timely manner to protect treatment timeframes and patient outcomes. Read Article >>

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