Astragraphia and Kodak Alaris provide roadmap for digital transformation

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The client is one of the largest integrated energy companies in Southeast Asia with a notable presence in both domestic and international energy markets. The company plays a crucial role in Indonesia's energy sector and operates across multiple segments of the oil and gas industry including exploration, production, refining, distribution and marketing of petroleum and its derivatives.


The organization owns a wide range of physical assets - land, refineries, offices and official residences. However, managing the certificates, sales agreements, memos, transfer slips and correspondence letters pertaining to these assets, was inefficient and ineffective. The customer was looking for a solution to streamline and improve how it captured, organized, stored and retrieved this business-critical information.

Among the drivers for change was a desire to standardize the document management process organization-wide, to implement a system which would improve document security and access control, enable centralized storage, and thus streamline search and retrieval. Key pain points included the fact that there were no clear policies and procedures for compliant filing and storage practices. Documents were simply placed in boxes and deposited in the warehouse, making searching for specific records and documents an almost impossible task. Moreover, with no controls in place, multiple document versions and duplicates also added to the disorganized pile of information.

One of the biggest challenges was the time it took to retrieve information, specifically when dealing with disputes. The legacy process was disjointed, inefficient and time-intensive. The asset team had to physically search for hardcopy documents in the organization’s warehouse and it typically took between four to seven days to retrieve archived documents. The associated cost of this both in terms of time, the security risk, as well as the impact on the bottom line, was unacceptable.

The system to manage digital softcopy documents was also ineffective. Maintaining control over data was almost impossible, largely due to the lack of a standardized system to classify information and a single repository for document storage. With information stored in a myriad of places, the organization had limited access to and visibility over its information and did not have the ability to extract and analyse data, which negatively impacted its ability to influence fast and effective decision-making.


Kodak Alaris partner Astragraphia delivered a comprehensive end-to-end document management service, which addressed all of the customer’s key pain points and which provided a roadmap for the organization’s digital transformation.

Astragraphia deployed Kodak 3000 Series Scanners and Kofax software to capture and digitize the organization’s existing paper-based inventory. The process included generating valuable data through metadata and scanning information, providing insights into the number and types of documents held in a centralized repository. Importantly this provided the foundation for the customer to address its long-term goal to implement a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Astragraphia’s services included defining policies and procedures for compliant filing and storage, ensuring adherence to best practices. Its EDS Services provide tools and technologies that enhance control and visibility over information. The solution provided went beyond document capture to include registering, organizing, indexing and boxing all records and documents, providing a comprehensive overview of all information. This improved the organization’s ability to track and retrieve data in the future.


Astragraphia is dedicated to addressing common document management challenges and streamlining customers’ document asset management. It successfully streamlined the organization’s entire document management process.

There were over 20,000 backlog documents that needed to be addressed. The process was divided into two key activities. The first involved the team focusing on reorganizing documents, creating a list of all the backlog documents, and classifying which ones were critical to the business, and needed to be scanned. All physical paper documents were boxed to be stored for the required time span, and the company also provided an in-depth report with a detailed analysis of all the organization’s information. The second process  involved scanning the important documents that have been classified, which connected the information from the softcopy files to the hardcopy files, making it easier to find the hardcopy when needed.

On completion of the project, the organization benefited from an immediate and significant reduction in the time to retrieve information. With the new system, all authorized staff have easy access to key data. It now takes up to a maximum of one business day to retrieve a physical file (depending on location) – compared to the previous four to seven days. And, thanks to the creation of a centralized repository and efficient search capabilities, digital information can be retrieved via any networked-connected PC in under one minute.

The solution provided has delivered a significant improvement in operational efficiency. By streamlining the entire document management process and improving accessibility to information, staff no longer have to waste time manually searching for the information they need to do their jobs, enabling them to refocus their efforts in other areas and thus increase productivity.

Moreover, the ability to access comprehensive and accurate information in real-time has enabled more effective, efficient and faster decision-making.

An effective document management strategy also plays a crucial role in helping organizations comply with privacy regulations and protect sensitive data. With softcopy documents now residing in a centralized repository, regular backups, access control measures and audit logs serve to improve the organization’s compliance with regulations and internal policies as well as support better risk management.

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