Intelligent Exception Handling

Catch scanning errors before they slow down your business

This technology uses advanced indexing capabilities to look for pre-defined fields on your standard forms. Using Optical Character Recognition for text, and Optical Mark Recognition for check-box data,the scanners create automated fields, and use the images to populate an index field. This allows the scanner to notify you when one of these crucial index fields comes up blank. OCR can occur extremely quickly, because the technology scans in simultaneous color and B&W. With higher quality B&W imagery coming directly from the scanner camera, the software is better at catching problems.

When you are able catch errors as soon as they happen, you don’t have to make a second trip to the scanner to fix mistakes. Your back office doesn’t have to dedicate time to tracking down the problem, or contacting customers to gather missing info. Less document prep time means a faster digitizing process overall, and a more direct route to digital transformation of your documents. You can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any missing information when it comes time for you to access this data. Even better, this frees your teams to focus on more important work, and on where the business is headed next.

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