Simplifying Digitization Workflows for Education Offices

Kodak Alaris makes it easy for faculty and staff to quickly convert paper documents into digital data that automatically integrates with student records systems and other back-office solutions.


The paper-based workflows in education offices are often inefficient and tedious, which hinders productivity. You can automate the process of converting information on paper into digital data for student records and other back-office systems.

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Automate to save time and money

Schools can save a lot of time and money by eliminating error-prone manual steps from back-office workflows. Kodak Alaris is helping educational institutions around the world to automate document conversion and get data where it needs to be, quickly and accurately.

Certified Sustainable

Support your sustainability goals

It's important to choose products from companies that make environmentally conscious decisions. All Kodak Alaris products use sustainable and/or recycled materials, and our document scanners are Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT®) registered and Energy Star® certified.


Protect data and system security

Our document scanners process data directly on the scanner and exclusively through volatile memory, ensuring that data is erased upon transfer or shut down. Our Secure Boot process and support for standard security protocols help protect data privacy. Our scanners are even certified for use on government networks around the world.

Solutions for Education

Information capture solutions from Kodak Alaris are providing huge payoffs to educational institutions in the areas of student records management, curriculum development, grading, admissions, and more. Kodak Alaris makes it easy for faculty and staff to scan documents of all types and automatically extract and deliver digital data into records systems - quickly and accurately.

Our award-winning document scanners and software solutions are also ideal for processing test sheets and forms, student IDs and passports, photographs, books, and even fragile documents. Our data capture software automatically recognizes, indexes, and extracts data to quickly route, archive, and share documents between student services, admissions, financial aid and other departments.

"Digitization is allowing us to better advocate for our students. All departments can now work together more efficiently so our students can achieve their education goals smoothly and in less time."

-Jennifer Koopman, VRC Coordinator, Great Basin College

Featured Scanners for Education Offices

The Kodak S3000 Max Series Scanners are ideal for education offices. With their superior speed, accuracy, and ease of use, you can elevate your back office to a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

S3000 Max Series Scanner

S3120 Max Scanner

120ppm | 500 Sheet ADF
  • Productive, high capacity scanning
  • USB and wired Ethernet
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • 20 Quick Scan Jobs
Learn more
S3000 Max Series Scanner

S3140 Max Scanner

140ppm | 500 Sheet ADF
  • High speed, high capacity scanning
  • USB and wired Ethernet
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • 20 Quick Scan Jobs
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s2060w s2080w Scanner

S2060w Scanner

60ppm | 80 Sheet ADF
  • Productive and shareable network scanning
  • Embedded image processing
  • Create up to 20 jobs per department
  • Dual Light Illumination (DLI)
Learn more
ScanStation 730ex Plus

Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

70ppm | 75 Sheet ADF
  • Customizable Scanning Solution
  • PC Free Operation
  • Large & intuitive color touchscreen
  • Supports LDAP & Active Directory
Learn more
Alaris Capture Pro

Capture Pro Software

  • Ideal for paper-intensive business applications
  • Extensive integration with ECM systems
  • Network and Import modules available
Learn more
Info Input Screen

KODAK Info Input Solution

  • Ideal for large, enterprise customers
  • Integrates with business applications
  • Mobile module option
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