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Audit Data & Reporting Made Easy

Richard Maunder
IDP Software Solutions Engineer

To maintain a high level of productivity and resource efficiency, organizations increasingly need to rely on intelligent automation software. Document processing and related performance audits are continuous business processes that require a lot of time, attention, and care. Without intelligent automation, information processing can produce all sorts of errors and resource challenges.

Enterprises around the world are making sense of their business information with KODAK Info Input Solution, our intelligent document processing (IDP) software that automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to usage in business processes–quickly, accurately, and reliably.

This technical series is designed to help business leaders understand the transformative value of intelligent document processing. KODAK Info Input Solution makes it easy for companies to improve productivity and it enables our solution partners to expand their portfolio of offerings and increase professional services revenue.

The first session in this series focuses on the auditing and reporting automation capabilities that are built into KODAK Info Input Solution, including how the software integrates with popular reporting tools such as PowerBI and Tableau. This free training for Kodak Alaris partners is designed for teams that work in sales engineering, implementation, technical relationship management, professional services, and similar roles.

You will come away from this training knowing how to successfully add customized data, reporting, and graphical dashboards that dramatically improve job and revenue accounting for your business or your customers’ businesses. You’ll learn how to:

  • Fully leverage the automation and reporting capabilities of KODAK Info Input Solution
  • Gather job-level details and customer metrics that drive accounts receivables
  • View performance metrics to better understand how to improve your workflows
  • Easily monitor license and job productivity to anticipate when changes might be needed

Stay tuned for more on this technical series highlighting KODAK Info Input Solution.