Thailand-based hospital and healthcare company modernizes its medical records system

Customer Profile

The client is a Thailand-based hospital and healthcare company which operates a number of clinics and hospitals in Bangkok and five other provinces. The hospital group specialises in treatments such as hand surgery, neonatal care, cancer treatment, open heart surgery and strokes, as well as providing emergency services and patient care.


The organization needed to modernize its medical records system. Each individual centre operates its own medical records library; however, the group intends to improve efficiency by creating a centralized system.

Whilst the hospital group has adopted paper-free processes in some areas, it was reliant on a largely paper-based system for managing medical records. Hardcopy documents were stored in a dedicated space inside each hospital. The amount of space required to house records varied depending on the size of each centre. Space was at a premium - some hospitals had to extend to add more rooms to accommodate specialized services – so adopting a paper-free system would enable the space used to house medical records to be reallocated for other purposes.

The legacy document scanners have been in use for a long time and the quality of scanned images was poor. Many documents were handwritten and ensuring all of the information was captured was an issue – some of the details were obscured and many of the images featured black borders and solid lines.

The legacy workflow was time-intensive and inefficient. The group was facing untimely delays in processing information - large image sizes slowed the system down so making data available to clinicians took much longer than it should. Additionally, poor quality digital images meant that valuable information was often missing or illegible. In these instances, medical records staff had to pull the physical file out of the archives. This was a time-intensive and inefficient process which had created a backlog in throughput, further compounded by the fact that often, for a number of reasons, the original document could not be found.

The hospital group needed efficient scanners to streamline the workflow, ensure high-quality documents and improve efficiency within its medical records department. It was also looking to improve the time it took to retrieve a file as well as reduce the space utilized for hard copy document storage.


Kodak Alaris partners ACA Thailand and Dynamic Computer worked in partnership to recommend a solution that would enable the group to modernize its medical records department with high-quality electronic medical files.

ACA Thailand and Dynamic Computer supplied 100 Kodak S2050 Scanners as well as Kodak Capture Pro Software.


Documents are created at every patient interaction from the initial consultation through to dispensing medications. Clinicians and pharmacists need to view the entire patient history, and any delays in adding or accessing the latest information was previously an issue. The solution provided has helped the medical records department to streamline the entire process and provide medical staff with significantly faster access to patient information.

The new scanners from Kodak Alaris are easy to use and include productivity boosting features such as Embedded Image Processing which delivers crisp, clear images without requiring a high-powered host PC; Intelligent Document Protection that stops the scanning process if it suspects paper jams or misfeeds, and Controlled Output Stacking, which places paper neatly in the output tray. Importantly, the captured images are smaller, removing any delay in processing through the system and taking up less storage space.

Engineered to work seamlessly with any scanner from Kodak Alaris, Capture Pro Software quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images - the foundation for accurate, streamlined data extraction and decision-making. The software has helped streamline the entire capture process, while robust data extraction and seamless delivery to the hospital’s system is playing a critical role in improving the efficiency of the operation overall.

The image quality is superb, ensuring all vital information is captured quickly and accurately every time. Staff no longer have to physically store and retrieve the original paper document, once digitized, the image is saved in an electronic file – which is easy to retrieve, and importantly, the file size is smaller and therefore more manageable in terms of processing, archiving and storage.

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