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The landscape for healthcare providers has never been more complex. Professional staff are expected to manage the complexities of regulation, compliance and payer requirements while containing budget and delivering a great customer experience. That’s no small task, and managing information is at the heart of many of the day-to-day challenges that organizations face. It’s not surprising, but many healthcare providers still rely heavily on paper and manual workflows for their processes. Does this sound familiar?

  • On admission, patients are asked to complete several printed forms, which are then hand-keyed by front office staff into your EMR. There’s a digital version of the forms patients can prefill before their appointment, but that rarely happens.
  • Behind that front desk is a wall of patient records. Or maybe it’s rows of records or a patient records room. This could even be offsite, requiring time and money to pull records on demand. 
  • In the back office, benefit checks for procedure pre-approvals and post-visit claims need documentation to support their submission. Sometimes the search for records and information can delay payment to the organization or even to the patient. 

This isn’t just a paper problem, it’s an information management problem. The path forward to a simplified process starts with information capture - the cornerstone of effective digital transformation. When you digitize documents, you can extract the information from them, index it and route data to EMRs for retrieval by staff. Solutions from Alaris help with this, and are backed by decades of image science expertise and a world class service and support team. Get in touch with one of our digital transformation experts today, or learn more about how we can help, with our industry insights. Find out how healthcare organizations met their transformation goals with Alaris, and get practical advice on how information capture can help you on your journey.

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Kodak Alaris and Nisarga IT Solutions enable leading healthcare provider to create Electronic Health Records

Manipal Hospital

One of India's leading multispeciality healthcare groups serves thousands of patients through its network of hospitals every day. The group offers an integrated range of services from outpatient treatment and diagnostics, to advanced clinical care and personalised homecare services, and continues to pioneer the adoption of digital technologies to drive innovation.

How Document Scanners Help Businesses Meet Sustainability Goals

Green energy turbine

Reduce waste and resource consumption by digitizing paper records and workflows.

Why Choose Document Scanners Backed by Comprehensive Services?

Document Scanner Services

Improve the ROI of your document scanning solution and get the peace of mind you need to focus on your business priorities. 

Kodak Alaris and iGuana help AZ Groeninge optimise efficiency within its Scan Factory medical archives department

AZ Groenings

AZ Groeninge processes 10k to 15k documents each day - the smooth workflow, ease of use, fast throughput, and image quality of the Kodak i4250 scanner were key.

Smart Cabinet Cloud: A document solution in response to e-document law

Smart Cabinet クラウド

"Smart Cabinet Cloud” by NSM Co., Ltd., a document solution in response to e-document law, solves social issues such as community medical cooperation and community comprehensive care through DX initiatives by combining Kodak Alaris' "INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution."

Guide to Optical Character Recognition

Kodak Alaris Optical Character Recognition

Learn what OCR is, how it works, and why it’s so essential to our personal and professional lives.


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