Kodak Alaris Capture Solutions for Government

Kodak Alaris helps government agencies serve citizens. We simplify the digitization of paper documents and reduce inefficiencies to help you optimize technology budgets, improve citizen interactions, enhance compliance, and improve the security of information sharing. 


Facing budget pressure, regulations, and growing demand for digital services from citizens, government agencies need to leverage new technologies to more effectively serve the public.

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Drive Efficiency and Cost Reductions

By going digital, you’re already lowering costs by taking manual steps out of your processes. With Kodak Alaris, you can achieve an even lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through superior document feeding and scanning accuracy that truly optimizes the digital transformation process.

Why Kodak Alaris?

Automate for Efficiency

Advanced paper handling capabilities take costly manual steps out of scanning, and keep operations up and running. 

  • Kodak branded scanners are built for reliability. In fact, independent testing found 99.999% document feed accuracy over two million pages scanned.
  • Smart features offer leading capabilities for paper handling - from Active Feed technology’s automatic alignment of pages to Intelligent Document Protection’s suite of features that stop multi-feeds or jams before they happen.

Protect Confidentiality and Improve Security

Information security breaches are on the rise. It’s now more critical than ever to protect the confidentiality and security of your documents and data. Scanners from Kodak Alaris are certified for use on government networks across the U.S. and around the world.

Why Kodak Alaris?

Securely Integrate with Confidence 

Scanners from Kodak Alaris process scanned data exclusively through volatile memory ensuring the image data is effectively erased upon shut down. They support industry standard security protocols HTTPS, WPA and TLS, ensuring customer privacy and regulatory compliance. 

Image Processing on the scanner means no residual image is left on scanner or PC, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Scanners from Kodak Alaris have been certified for use on government networks across the U.S. and Federal locations around the world.


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Enhance Citizen Responsiveness and Satisfaction

Put an end to your data chaos with document scanners, software, and services from Kodak Alaris. Simplify your agency’s digital transformation workflows and make your operations more cost efficient and productive.

Why Kodak Alaris?

Directly Support your Work Flow

Intelligent Document Protection listens for problems and alerts before they become misfeeds, potentially damaging the original document, whose preservation and retention is, often, important.

Documents can be directly routed to the correct destinations, without the intermediary of a server of PC, additional potential security points of failure, for faster turnaround and more satisfied citizens.

Centralized job setup (Capture Pro Network Edition) enables easier administration and ensures consistency in agency operations

See How Kodak Alaris Solves Government Challenges

Government agencies around the world are looking to increase productivity by replacing paper-based problems with digital solutions. Manual processes are slow and expensive. See how Kodak Alaris helps government agencies become faster and more efficient with solutions that pull in data from a wide variety of sources, securely and accurately, to help reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements.

Scanners for Records Management

Records management is a paper-intensive process. Digitizing documents as soon as they enter an organization is the fastest path to improving efficiency. Kodak branded scanners can handle all the various document types that government agencies need to process, including lightweight papers and embossed hard cards. Flatbed options offer even more flexibility for capturing hard-bound or delicate materials.

Wireless network models provide the flexibility to capture documents anywhere, right at the point of need. And with our Active Feed technology, employees don’t need to be scanning experts to get the best possible capture quality. Documents automatically line up in the feeder without having to worry about alignment issues or paper jams. Our Perfect Page technology ensures that you always get the best possible image quality, helping to ensure that your records are accurate and accessible to employees, citizens, and the applications that support them.

Alaris E-1035 Scanner

E1035 Scanner

  • Up to 35 ppm color/b&w
  • Power on and start scanning in less than 10 seconds
  • Scan more documents at once with largest feeder capacity in its class
  • One-button simplicity via Smart Touch technology
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S2070 Scanner with tray

S2050 Scanner

  • High quality images at up to 50 ppm color/b&w
  • Embedded image processing and excellent paper handling
  • One touch scanning to multiple applications
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Alaris s2060/s2080 scanner

S2060w Scanner

  • Up to 60 ppm color/b&w
  • Adds network and wireless capability for multiuser support
  • Personalized destinations with large, color touch screen
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Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

  • Up to 70 ppm color/ bw
  • Fully integrated network scanner, with no need for additional hardware or software to run
  • Integrator options
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Scanners for Going Paperless

Practically every government agency around the world has paper records that have not yet been digitized. The burden of managing paper records leads to significant organizational inefficiencies and years of lost employee productivity. Eliminating paper records makes your operations more cost-efficient and mitigates risk via secure digital record handling and storage. 

Production scanners from Kodak Alaris enable agencies to scan high volumes of documents quickly and accurately, no matter what the document size or quality might be. Our heavy-duty scanners ensure all-day operation. They are built with features to reduce manual labor in the scanning process to help keep costs down while delivering Perfect Page image quality.

i4250 Scanner

  • Up to 110 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 65,000 pages per day
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i5250 Scanner

  • Up to 150 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Intelligent Imprinting, patch counting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle
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i5650S Scanner

  • Up to 180 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Desktop scanner with automatic sorting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle
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i5850 Scanner

  • Up to 210 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Intelligent Imprinting, patch counting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle
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Scanners for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory requirements continue to drive the need for accuracy in the processing and verification of documents. In government agencies, this often means effectively handling different media types that need to be captured digitally. Passports, driver’s licenses, and forms with various sizes create challenges that require a versatile and accurate capture solution. Production and Departmental scanners from Kodak Alaris have a straight-through paper path, so it’s easy to digitize the wide range of documents needed to support citizen transactions and government regulations. Kodak Alaris serves many federal and state agencies, including the United States DEA, so you can be sure that solutions from Kodak Alaris will deliver the best possible results for your document scanning needs.

Kodak S3060 Scanner

S3060 Scanner

  • Up to 60 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • USB and Ethernet-enabled
  • Up to 25,000 pages per day
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Kodak S3100f Scanner

S3100f Scanner

  • Up to 100 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Integrated book-edge A4 flatbed for exception documents
  • USB and Ethernet-enabled
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i4650 Scanner

  • Up to 130 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 100,000 pages per day
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i4850 Scanner

  • Up to 150 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 150,000 pages per day
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Software for Workflow Optimization

Software solutions from Kodak Alaris enable you to capture data from multi-function devices, emails, or scanners. Our software significantly improves efficiency by automating key document processes from start to finish, and by reducing the need to review and correct images downstream. Route documents to multiple people or systems with the push of a button. You can then access documents from any location, any time.

Alaris Capture Pro

Capture Pro Software

  • Ideal for paper-intensive business applications
  • Extensive integration with ECM systems
  • Network and Import modules available
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Info Input Screen

Info Input Solution

  • Ideal for large, enterprise customers
  • Integrates with business applications
  • Mobile module option
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