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Facing growing demand for digital services from citizens, government agencies are seeking ways to leverage emerging technologies to more effectively serve the public. At the same time, there is a need to be continually vigilant regarding existing and new legislation designed to ensure the confidentiality of data and enhance compliance.  Intelligent capture solutions simplify the digitization of paper documents and reduce inefficiencies to optimize technology budgets, improve citizen interactions, enhance compliance, and improve the security of information sharing.

Learn how Kodak Alaris is a proven expert in capture solutions that can improve efficiencies throughout government agencies.

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The Blueprint for Document Management and Regulatory Compliance

The Blueprint for Document Management and Regulatory Compliance hero

With solutions from Kodak Alaris, a federal agency successfully addressed the urgent need for compliance with federal mandates and FADGI guidelines while also making significant operational improvements that have created a more accessible informat…

Speeding Up Mail-in Ballot Processing for Nassau County

Nassau County FLA

Learn how Kodak Alaris helped transform vote-by-mail processing in Nassau County, Florida, by providing a fast and reliable ballot envelope processing solution.

A Revolution in Records Management for Bexar County, TX

File room filled with boxes

Bexar County successfully transformed all manual workflows into efficient, automated processes and is on pace to fully eliminate their backlog ahead of schedule

CNSI Accelerates Medicaid Processing with Kodak Alaris

Wyoming Department of Health

Together, CNSI and Kodak Alaris created a new information capture system that successfully streamlined Wyoming’s Medicaid claims processing.

Transforming Records Management for DMV Affiliates

Kodak S3000 Max Scanner

The state of Maryland uses licensed small businesses to process paperwork for the DMV. Here's how Edge Digital Group is leveraging Kodak Alaris technology to help these businesses succeed.

This Technology Is a Game-changer for Election Ballot Processing

Your Vote Counts

The mail-in ballot processing solution that county election officials have been asking for