How Kodak Alaris Innovates with Scanning Technology

With our scanners and Perfect Page technology, scanning and digitizing high-volume projects, capturing quality images at top speed, and protecting original documents has never been easier.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought us a host of smart devices that make life easier, save time, decrease costs, and improve workflows. Most recently, IoT innovations have taken the form of a technology called robotic process automation, which further reduces the amount of human involvement that’s necessary to get things done.

At Kodak Alaris, we make it our goal to enable robotic process automation with superior networked scanners and integrated scanner software that reliably streamline business processes.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) consists of technology that enables people to configure “robots” (or computer software) to mimic human interactions with digital systems in order to carry out business processes.

In other words, RPA automates a sequence of repeatable processes — without human interaction.

The start of an RPA sequence begins with the point of data origination, which is often the scanning of a document. After the document is scanned, the sequence continues with the following steps:

  1. Data clarification
  2. Data sent to a destination
  3. Data collection by the monitoring bot
  4. Initiation of business processes
  5. Data synchronization to databases

Because the integrity of the data depends on the data clarification stage, getting an accurate reading of the data is crucial to the entire RPA sequence. If you use an inferior scanner or other devices that can’t read the data properly, incorrect data will ripple throughout all the systems that need it, as well as all the systems that those systems are connected to. What starts as a small error quickly creates cascading issues that waste both time and money.

Kodak Alaris has decades of experience accurately and efficiently doing advanced document processing. Our innovative scanner technology help avoid these issues, accurately and reliably capturing data and then integrating it into business processes in the most streamlined way possible.

Networked Scanners

Networked scanners are document scanners that can easily connect and work with your company’s existing network, scanning paper files directly into an application without depending on a PC connection.

The Scan Station 730EX Plus has a simple touchscreen setup and connects directly to your company’s network to simplify scanning processes. The Scan Station is a fully integrated network scanner with an internal controller, so there’s no need for additional hardware or software to run. These scanners can handle up to 6,000 pages a day with robust remote management.

The S2060w and S2080w offer Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity that allows you to connect the scanner to your office network to suit your business needs. They secure your scans over a network with HTTPS, WPA Enterprise, and TLS encryption standards.

Perfect Page Technology

In order to create the most reliable and accurate data capture and the smoothest scanning experience, Kodak Alaris has integrated several helpful technology add-ons into our scanners to complete jobs at the highest quality possible.

Perfect Page technology uses advanced image scanning and innovative paper handling to enhance and deliver the highest-quality scanning jobs. The following Perfect Page Technology features to ensure accurate capture at the point of data origination, giving you peace of mind that your systems are receiving the right information:

  • Auto-cropping
  • Auto-orientation
  • Color sharpening
  • Color Smoothing
  • Streak removal
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Optical character recognition

Active Feed Technology

Active Feed Technology reduces the errors and amount of manual preparation for scanning large jobs with multiple papers. Instead of spending time straightening a stack of documents before you scan them, you can rely on Active Feed Technology to jog and auto-align the papers for jam-free scanning.

Intelligent Document Protection

Feel confident scanning confidential or fragile documents with Intelligent Document Protection. This scanner component alerts you to possible errors or jams before the job is interrupted, protecting the paper documents and preventing costly mistakes and errors.

Embedded Image Processing

Certain scanners depend on the power of a desktop PC in order to process high-volume jobs. The processing power of your scanner can determine whether a PC is needed to take on document-heavy projects, so a scanner with Embedded Image Processing is ideal. Embedded Image Processing has the built-in ability to process images at the scanner rather than at the desktop, cutting down the time host-processing takes.

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Automation to business processes

Capture Pro Software quickly converts scanned files into crisp high-quality images and eliminates manual data entry. The software easily captures and shares the information you need while saving you time and preventing the possibility of manual errors, creating archive-ready color and black and white images. By working together, Capture Pro software and scanners from Kodak Alaris deliver better capture results and enhance process automation

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