iFLYTEK and Kodak Alaris Develop Intelligent Grading Solution for Smart Assessment

A powerful combination: Scanners from Kodak Alaris and iFLYTEK's Intelligent Grading Solution

The first step of an intelligent grading solution is to scan all test papers or answer sheets including the objective and subjective and convert them into images. Then teachers mark papers online - the system automatically calculates and adds scores for objective questions, while subjective ones will be evaluated online, keeping the original papers clean. Furthermore, big data analysis based on test results could help educators provide personalized teaching for students, reshaping the traditional teaching model.

Since the national strategic collaboration in 2015, iFLYTEK and Kodak Alaris have nationwide provided intelligent grading solution for educators and students, benefiting more schools to build a smart campus.

Customized Feeder Boosts Paper Feeding Rate

The image acquisition of test papers requires a high standard for scanners. Due to unstandardized test papers, the scanning faces challenges of different weights, sizes and qualities of test papers in practice. Kodak Alaris customizes feeder to improve feeding efficiency tremendously.

KODAK i3000 series utilize the following scanning technologies for higher efficiency:

  • Intelligent Document Protection: The scanner listens for problems and alerts you before they become jams or misfeeds.

  • Stack up the work: With a 250-sheet feeder/elevator you can neatly and efficiently scan document batches with ease. Our design ensures continuous throughput with rapid-fire scanning.

  • Straight through paper path: Thick materials such as cardboard and file folders, and extra-long documents, fly through the scanner thanks to the straight-through paper path.

Perfect Page Technology from Kodak Alaris Delivers Excellent Images

High-quality image acquisition supports smart assessment, such as optical character recognition (OCR), natural-language understanding, etc. Kodak i3000 series with Perfect Page Technology from Kodak Alaris optimizes image quality and intelligently manages a host of image processing tasks. It all happens automatically, with every scan. Sharper images make additional processing functions more accurate.

For example, it's challenging for smart assessment to mark essays, translation, short answers and fill in the blanks test answer. With the Kodak i3000 series, iFLYTEK intelligent grading solution can easily recognize blank answer sheets and tell if the answer is highly repetitive to others with higher accuracy.

Tailored Drivers Connect Hardware with Software

Besides high-quality image acquisition, iFLYTEK intelligent grading solution relies on tailored driver software, which is the essential way to connect Kodak Alaris's hardware and iFLYTEK's software. In terms of the image processing, modular customization plays a vital role in parameter settings, which requires multiple times of software development. Thus, excellent after-sales services are key to tailored drivers.

i3250 Scanner

i3250 Scanner

  • Up to 50 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Integrated book-edge flatbed for exception documents
i3250 Scanner

i3300 Scanner

  • Up to 70 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Robust design and features
  • Up to 25,000 pages per day
i3250 Scanner

i3450 Scanner

  • Up to 90 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Integrated book-edge A4 flatbed for exception documents


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