How the IoT is Improving Paper Workflows

By Kara Rayburn, Global Manager, Portfolio Marketing & Web

Because of its connection to the internet of things (IoT), document management has become more streamlined, increasing productivity and improving workflow operations.

These days, workflow processes are moving away from tedious manual paper methods and toward instantaneous digitalization and connectivity. Because of the internet of things (IoT), document management has become more streamlined, increasing productivity and improving workflow operations.

What Is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things encompasses all devices that are connected and share data through the internet. From smartphones and televisions to home devices such as Amazon Alexa and GPS tools, IoT takes care of tasks that would otherwise depend on manual settings through examining and repeating patterns of data.


How the IoT Improves Paper Workflows

Making Life Easier

The IoT is making significant contributions to improved paper workflows through connected printers, smart connected scanning solutions, and document scanning software. These tools work with the IoT component to integrate together, track and manage all data in real-time, automate processes, manage resources, and alert when something isn’t working quite right.

This saves companies time, money, and stress by reducing the burden of tasks that are usually placed on employees. The tedious and repetitive administration work that would normally fall on these employees is taken care of so that your team can instead focus on core business goals and innovation in the workplace.

For example, in a hospital setting, the use of electronic medical record (EMR) software makes patient data immediately accessible to those involved on every level, from the patient to the administrative staff, doctor, and pharmacist. This eliminates the need for creating and then delivering paper copies of records, which would take up significantly more time and resources.

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Increasing Security

Devices connected with IoT components can also maintain security and protection over confidential data by requiring secure logins, maintaining proper controls and access restrictions, and providing insights into usage patterns of activity to general management. This extra layer of security is extremely helpful in confidential industries such as law firms and health care facilities.

Rising Visibility

As it is more common for devices to be connected and in constant contact with the other devices, network monitoring and keeping track of them can be a difficult task. Add to that the complication of IoT connected devices, and the job gets more complicated. By attaining greater visibility through monitoring and management and reduce downtime and allow maintenance to be smartly scheduled – improving productivity, profitability, and (for some) regulatory compliance.


IoT Document Capture Components

Networked Scanners

Networked scanners such as the Scan Station 730EX Plus have an internal controller and are set up to fully connect with your company’s existing network without depending on any PC connection. These scanners can be connected to apps that are cloud-based and mobile-enabled. This makes document capture at the point of customer contact and onboarding information into a business process more efficient.

Other networked scanners with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity allow for connections to the network anywhere to suit business needs. The S2060w Scanner with built-in networking and superior image quality and data accuracy is the perfect desktop scanning solution that multiple people can share and get information into businesses fast.

Smart Connected Solutions

The Kodak Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution takes connectivity one step further. This solution completely integrates with the IoT elements so content can be onboarded directly into business processes and the real-time acknowledgment received at the point of capture. Thanks to immediate exception notifications, missing forms, signatures, and other crucial information can be caught and corrected instantly. The INfuse AX scanner comes with smart connected scanning software and works intuitively to make image capture simple and quick right out of the box. This tool eliminates the need for extra application software, PCs, and driver installations, scanning documents in high quality and sending them to supported cloud services or your internal network in an instant.

Capture Software

Advanced capture software can help with automation and connectivity to other systems and devices is key. Having the ability to automatically route captured information to an endpoint with enforced business rules saves time and prevents errors. As well as a long list of standard output destinations such as Email, SharePoint, and scan to file there needs to be direct links into third party systems to enable sending data to the file destination. Capture Pro Software can easily and quickly capture scanned files and convert them into top-quality, archive-ready color and black and white images. This software eliminates manual data entry and immediately shares the information, saving time and preventing the possibility of manual errors.

Device Management Software

Device Management software reduces the lack of visibility and loss of productivity of IoT connected devices. Management and IT departments want to know information about scanners that are connected to the network. The Kodak Alaris Scanner Manager Platform enables remote management of large fleets of scanners. This includes usage reporting and/or alert management as well as configuration and operational data such as device model, serial #, and firmware version. The result is higher productivity and investment yield

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Enhance Your Workflows

When paired with tools such as advanced capture software, smart connected solutions, and networked scanners, the IoT makes life easier for you and your employees by increasing productivity, eliminating the risk of manual errors, optimizing time, and gathering data to provide useful insights.

Contact Kodak Alaris today to find out more about our networked scanners and the IoT components that can help streamline your workflow and improve efficiency in your business, no matter how big or small.

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