Kodak Alaris Capture Solutions for Finance

Kodak Alaris’ solutions for banking simplify the digitization of paper documents to help you drive down processing costs, improve the customer experience and enhance compliance and regulatory demands. We offer a solution at all points of your business, from new customer onboarding to loan originations as well as administrative workflows.


Faced with aging infrastructure and a rapidly transforming industry, banks are under continuous pressure to reduce cost, simplify work flows, and improve the customer experience, all while ensuring confidentiality and compliance of data, presenting opportunities to improve several areas.

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Improved Loan Processing

Loan application processing is messy, often consisting of forms and many supporting physical documents, all requiring digitization. The multitude of steps in this work flow reduce the time available to service and interface with customers.

Why Kodak Alaris?

Loan Processing Simplified

Loan applications consist of a form and often, 25 or more supporting documents. A typical application goes through the following stages: Collection of forms and digitization, review for completeness, documents verification, credit bureau and third party checks, and application processing and sanction.

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Secure Data and Improved Compliance

With reports of security incidents on the rise, weaknesses in information security continue to put the confidentiality of secure documents at risk. New provisions Increase opportunities for banks to collect and process data remotely.

Why Kodak Alaris?

Secure Data with Less Handling

Scanners from Kodak Alaris process scanned data exclusively through volatile memory ensuring the image data is effectively erased upon shut down. They support industry standard security protocols HTTPS, WPA and TLS, ensuring customer privacy and regulatory compliance.

Image Processing on the scanner means no residual image is left on scanner or PC, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

This enables banks to safely take advantage of the MOBILE Act (Making Online Banking Initiation Legal and Easy) by creating an entirely digital onboarding process, verifying a scan or digital copy of a new customer’s government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license.


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Faster Onboarding and an Improved Customer Experience

With documents scanners, software, and services from Kodak Alaris, data chaos can end, with reduced complexity, reduced costs, and automated processes to make citizens smile more often.


Why Kodak Alaris?

The Foundation for a Great Customer Experience

When you scan documents at the point of origin, the data is available for everyone in the approval chain immediately, and no time is lost to manually keying data into applications and other forms.

With Kodak Alaris’ solution, the accuracy of customer data can be improved as result of superior paper feeding and image quality, reducing the need for document preparation and ensuring accurate data in the customer record. Embedded Image Processing delivers crisp, high quality images at full speed, without depending on a super-powered PC.

Spend less time scanning and more time with your customers.

Solutions for Customer Onboarding

Banks need to digitize customer documents upon receipt or creation, but scanning is only part of the workload. The labor that goes into prep and post work is often far greater than the amount that goes into scanning. Before information can be captured, employees have to remove staples, insert header sheets, or sort documents by type or department. After scanning, they index documents, correct errors or remove exception pieces that need to be returned to their owners, creating roadblocks to productivity, and a negative customer experience. Our S2000 Series and Kodak Scan Station models give you the flexibility to efficiently capture at the point of need - even in remote and front-of-house locations. Innovations in document feeding technology mean that users don’t need to be scanning experts to capture the best quality data. Active Feed technology automatically jogs pages so that they line up for scanning in the feeder without worry about alignment issues or jams. Capture Pro Software from Kodak Alaris helps to identify missing information on a document, like a signature. All our scanners offer industry leading Perfect Page image processing technology, superior paper handling for even the most challenging customer documents, and the highest reliability including leading support and service.

S2060w Scanner

s2060w s2080w Scanner 60ppm | 80 Sheet ADF
  • Productive and shareable network scanning
  • Embedded image processing
  • Create up to 20 jobs per department
  • Dual Light Illumination (DLI)

Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

ScanStation 730ex Plus 70ppm | 75 Sheet ADF
  • Customizable Scanning Solution
  • PC Free Operation
  • Large & intuitive color touchscreen
  • Supports LDAP & Active Directory

Capture Pro Software

Alaris Capture Pro
  • Ideal for paper-intensive business applications
  • Extensive integration with ECM systems
  • Network and Import modules available

Scanners for High Volume

Converting older customer records is a burden many banks and financial institutions face, and can cost years of productivity for employees, not just in the conversion process, but in the time lost to finding and referencing the paper records before they are converted. Eliminating paper records is not only the means to achieve cost-efficient operations, it also mitigates risk with secure handling and storage. Kodak brand production scanners from let banks scan at high volumes, no matter what the mix of document size or quality. The heavy duty cycles of these scanners ensure all-day operation, and are built with features to reduce manual labor in the scanning process. That helps keep costs low, while delivering Perfect Page image excellence and outstanding reliability backed by Kodak Alaris support.

i4250 Scanner

i4000 Series Scanner 110ppm | 500 Sheet ADF
  • Intelligent and compact scanning
  • Advanced multi-feed sensors
  • Metal detection included
  • Digital & physical Imprinting options

i5250 Scanner

i5250 Scanner 150ppm | 750 Sheet ADF
  • Rugged and dependable scanning
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Optional pre & post imprinting

i5850 Scanner

i5850 Scanner 210ppm | 750 Sheet ADF
  • Floor standing and height adjustable
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Intelligent document tracking & imprinting

Scanners for Compliance

Regulatory requirements continue to drive the need for accuracy and verification of documents. In Finance, this often means effectively dealing with different types of media that need to be captured digitally. Driver’s licenses, checks, and oddly sized forms create a challenge demanding a versatile capture solution. Production and departmental scanners from Kodak Alaris have a straight-through paper path, so it’s easy to digitize the wide range of documents needed to support new customer on boarding and loan applications.

S3060 Scanner

S3000 Series Scanner 60ppm | 300 Sheet ADF
  • Robust and Compact
  • USB and wired Ethernet
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • Dual Light Illumination (DLI)

S3100f Scanner

S3000 Series Scanner 100ppm | 300 Sheet ADF
  • Versatile and powerful
  • USB and wired Ethernet
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • Integrated A4 flatbed

i4850 Scanner

i4000 Series Scanner 160ppm | 500 Sheet ADF
  • Our fastest compact production scanner
  • Intuitive 3.5 inch (89 mm) color screen
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • Digital & physical Imprinting options

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