Tools for Creating a Virtual Workforce

Software and technology that support the possibility of virtual meetings make digitalizing and sharing documents easier than ever.

As more millennials and Generation X-ers take over the workforce, digital technology is also becoming one of the main elements responsible for successfully managing a business. From software and webcams that support the possibility of virtual meetings to high quality-scanners that make digitalizing and sharing documents easier than ever, these tools are opening doors to remote work with better communication, more efficient operations, and improved collaboration.

Video Conference Software
The days of traditional conference calls are over. Virtual conferencing programs make it simple to connect with clients and employees from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for costly travel plans and encouraging better relations between team members regardless of where they’re based. Visual cues provided by conference software assist in keeping meetings organized, since you are able to see who is speaking and when they’d like to chime in. Video conferencing software, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, can also improve accessibility for training, team building activities, and the like.

File-Sharing Tools
Easy file and document sharing are essential for a productive virtual workplace. Instead of mailing over a copy of a document to someone for approval, or setting up a physical meeting with a group of employees to brainstorm over a document, file sharing tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive make collaboration quick and simple. File sharing also encourages collaboration and innovation, allowing team members to bring new ideas to the table and strengthening the efficiency of your company.

Instant Messaging Programs
Instant messaging services such as Slack and Google+ Hangouts make project planning and brainstorming effortless. The ability to chat with a team member in real-time, regardless of where everyone is located, allows for quick feedback and eliminates the need for time-consuming meetings or long email threads.

These programs are also a great tool for team-building, organizing work events and parties, and casual questions and conversation.

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Time Tracking Software
For remote workers, punching in and out with a timecard isn’t possible, giving managers less visibility into the time spent and the work getting done.

Time tracking software is not only a great means of increased productivity but also an accurate way to confirm how much time and money is spent on client projects. Software such as Wrike and Toggl heighten focus, giving employees better visibility into their workflows, and also help managers see what needs improvement.

Other benefits of time tracking software include the ability to organize a more streamlined payroll system, provide more accurate client billing, and identify where to cut expenses.

High-quality document scanners are a perfect tool for this new environment of digitalization. For companies with an overload of paper files, scanners built for heavy-duty jobs, such as the Kodak i3500 Scanner, can assist in organizing your company’s data, making it accessible to the right parties, and decreasing your paper footprint. For smaller businesses, home offices, or client-facing mobile companies, smaller, portable scanners such as the Kodak ScanMate i940, make processing forms and sharing information on the go foolproof. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs such as Smart Touch can quickly convert text and images from paper into digital images that can be searched, edited, and shared. Scanning allows you to instantly share information with the rest of your team, regardless of where you work from, making it an essential tool for creating a virtual workforce.

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