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Securely automate the way your teams capture and send documents into virtually any business process.

Network scanning makes sense with Kodak Alaris

As companies navigate their digital transformations, the role of scanning is maturing from integration with digital archives to integration with process workflows. No matter where your organization is at in your journey, there’s one timeless truth: the sooner documents are captured, the better.

Network scanning solutions
with hardware and software from Kodak Alaris provide a future-proof foundation for how you find, share and act on your information with:

  • More direct paths for paper documents to get into digital systems faster, at the moment they enter the business
  • More shared access to scanning with less additional hardware and software expenses

Future-proof your scanning processes

How network scanning improves integration with digital archives and process workflows

Paper to Digital

Direct paths for paper to digital

Features to improve your scanning experience today and tomorrow.

Scan to archive

  • More accurate content scanned to file destinations such as FTP, SharePoint so you find it later.
  • Begin up to 20 workflows with the touch of a button on the intuitive touch screen.

Scan to process

  • Extract accurate data and connecting directly with enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP systems.
  • Scan-once, send-to-many workflows made easy for end-users without repeat steps.
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Shared access with less hardware and software

Features to improve your scanning experience today and tomorrow.

Scan to Archive

  • Easy to use, PC-free scanning devices where users can complete all capture tasks.
  • Walkup user experience mode for multiple users with user pin (MFP like experience).
  • Maintain multiple wired, wireless and direct connections across many users with a single device.
  • Enable simple set-up and configuration of remote devices without IT involvement.

Scan to Process

  • Scanning Solutions that make custom workflow-specific devices accessible at every point of transaction.
  • User authentication can trigger unique views and workflows.
  • Scan directly to Apple tablets and phones via a mobile app to integrate with on-the-go workflows.

The Kodak Alaris Difference

A simple experience enabled by hardware and software built for enterprise, available to everyone

Connectivity Web


Integrate easily with existing applications.

Use standard TWAIN and ISIS drivers with networked PCs or skip the drivers altogether and use our APIs to integrate your business app or application to the scanner directly.

Gear pointing to users

Remote management

Keep employees and IT productive.

Simplify device deployment with EasySetup. Maintain control of your connected scanning fleet, through web-based management tools and tailor your workflows through customized scripts and API connectivity.

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Protect your data.

Kodak Alaris uses standard network and security protocols (HTTPS, WPA Enterprise, TLS encryption) and erase on-device data when turned off. Get advanced security including user authentication and the latest Windows 10 IoT security.

The best of the basics

  • Affordable Edge Capture: S2060w Scanner

  • Powerful Point of Entry: S2080w Scanner

  • Compact But Rugged: S2085f Scanner

  • Enterprise-level Capture: S3100 Scanner

A customizable, secure, standalone network scanner

  • Standalone Network Scanner: Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

Solutions for workflow-specific integrations

  • INfuse Smart Connected Scanning: INfuse AX Scanner

Common ways to apply network scanning

Learn about the proven ways Kodak Alaris connected solutions can add value by clicking through the tabs to the right.

  • Frequently, scanned information needs to get to different people in different formats to meet both process requirements as well as user preferences.

    Take hospital, for example. Remote labs need to send test results to doctors via email, nurses via faxes and searchable PDFs to records management systems.

    With its embedded PC capabilities, the Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus can handle these multiple document processing and transfer steps simultaneous and invisibly to the employee scanning the document - they just push a button and go.

    Simultaneous Scanner Graph

  • There are lots of opportunities for businesses to accelerate decisions and save costs by scanning documents wherever and whenever they come into the business, instead of spending time and expense to transfer them to central locations or outsourcing partners.

    In a shipping and receiving setting, hundreds of warehouses, factories, and distribution centers can easily be equipped with scanning devices that enable workers to instantly make invoice and receipt paperwork visible to the business without any complex effort.

    Capture to Remote Locations

  • Many businesses have a daily transactional paperwork across locations but don't have the IT desire, capabilities or resources to move past centralized scanning. Unfortunately, this "business as usual" approach can hide tremendous costs.

    For example, a grocery chain with 125 stores saved $5.2 million annually simply by empowering their 125 stores to directly capture the invoices received for daily deliveries of their meats, produce and other products. And those cost savings are in addition to the value-added by capturing real-time insight into their inventory to drive business decisions.

    Workflow Specific Scanning

Award-Winning Solutions

“Each device is characterized by its exceptional media handling, top-notch image enhancement, and OCR capabilities, flawless reliability, and simple user experience.”
— Lee Davis, Keypoint Intelligence
BLI Scanner Line of the Year 2021
 Our proven track record for excellence has made Kodak Alaris the most-awarded scanner manufacturer in the 62-year history of Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Laboratory (BLI)


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