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The Power of Partnerships: Driving Digital Transformation Forward

Maia Mosillo
Director, Global Channel Marketing
Kodak Alaris

“Digital transformation” has become a catch-all phrase used to encapsulate a wide range of business strategies and processes, but for Kodak Alaris and our partners, the term has a direct and literal meaning that connects to the real business value we consistently deliver to organizations around the world.

For us, transformation is about more than converting analog information into digital data that businesses can use; it’s about modernizing business operations with intelligent automation solutions that make companies more productive and efficient in today's rapidly changing and competitive environment. Our extensive partner ecosystem has helped drive this transformation across the globe, enabling innovations and remarkable achievements in many sectors.

Making BPO businesses faster and more dynamic

Our solution partners include Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies that serve a wide array of organizations, each with their own unique needs. We offer these partners the broadest portfolio of document scanners and intelligent document processing software on the market, and they use these tools to deliver customized solutions that make a big difference for their customers’ bottom line.

For example, our partnership with Tronitech highlights a shift in business process outsourcing operations through the adoption of KODAK Info Input Solution, our enterprise intelligent document processing software. This strategic move has dramatically improved data processing accuracy, speeds, and client service quality. Tronitech’s example highlights the transformative power of adopting innovative digital tools to make substantial improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Document management and regulatory compliance

Kodak Alaris serves many government agencies in the US and abroad. Many of our partners have come to rely on our technologies to deliver advanced document capture solutions tailored to meet challenging regulatory compliance demands. One of these partners, Edge Digital Group, is modernizing a major federal agency’s document management workflows so that its digital archives comply with the quality rules set by the Federal Agencies Digitial Guidelines Initiative (FADGI). To achieve this, they employ the KODAK i5250 FADGI Scanner, the KODAK 3140 Max Scanner, and KODAK Capture Pro Software.

With guidance from Edge Digital Group and Kodak Alaris' innovative and reliable technology, the federal agency is poised to clear its giant backlog of physical documents while preventing new backlogs from emerging. They were also able to deliver a solution that made it possible for federal workers to output digital images that comply with FADGI requirements while also using the scanners without FADGI mode, to successfully complete a variety of other digitization projects. With this flexibility, the agency didn’t have to purchase redundant hardware, and it made significant gains in operational efficiency.

This is another example that highlights the effectiveness of strategic partnerships and choosing the right technology solutions. With scanners and software from Kodak Alaris, Edge Digital Group was uniquely positioned to provide a complete FADGI scanning solution that offered industry-leading speed and accuracy along with the output mode versatility that the federal agency required.

Expertise and innovation through partnerships

These case study examples are just a fraction of our collaborative ventures around the world. Each partnership leverages unique strengths, bringing together expertise from Kodak Alaris and other technology leaders to tailor solutions that address the specific challenges faced by our clients. Our ecosystem thrives on innovation, continually integrating the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data processing to keep our clients ahead in a competitive landscape.

The success stories of our partners around the world exemplify our mission to empower organizations with intelligent automation technologies supported by a vast network of expertise. As we continue to grow and strengthen our partner ecosystem, we are excited about the future possibilities and the next wave of innovations that will further revolutionize industries worldwide. Contact us today to learn how you can join our network of solution partners and resellers around the world.