Tronitech Transforms BPO Operations with KODAK Info Input Solution

The decision to switch to KODAK Info Input Solution paved the way for a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable future for Tronitech’s business.


Tronitech, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, successfully replaced their inefficient legacy information processing system with Kodak Info Input Solution, intelligent document processing automation software that simplifies the journey from document arrival to usage in business systems. Tronitech’s previous software had been causing a series of costly business challenges. The shift to Info Input Solution quickly resulted in a giant leap forward in operational efficiency, a drastic reduction in resource and equipment costs, and an enhanced ability to serve a broad range of customer needs. Tronitech now serves their varied customer base with greater speed and accuracy, and they do it with far less infrastructure. They have doubled their monthly volume without additional document scanners or operators.

Tronitech: A Multi-dimensional Service Bureau

Located in Indianapolis, Tronitech is a BPO company that serves a diversified clientele across many sectors, including healthcare, government, higher education, manufacturing, and financial services. Tronitech manages a wide range of document types for its customers, such as medical records, loan applications, contracts, and manufacturing invoices. Their in-house document management software, VaultView, is a Microsoft Azure platform that makes documents accessible for their diverse customer base.

They were faced with a significant challenge: the data capture and processing software they relied on for many years had accrued significant technical debt and depended on outdated technology. They needed to act fast to identify and deploy a better fit, a modern enterprise solution that could both resolve their existing challenges and accelerate business results.

A Series of Technical Challenges

Tronitech’s outdated information processing system presented several problems that required constant attention from technical resources, including:

  • Failed and lost batches: The system frequently lost batches and required job rebuilding, resulting in resource drain and frustrating process inefficiencies.
  • Regular delays in scanning operations: Technical limitations and constant troubleshooting led to resource constraints and severe delays in scanning operations. These delays were a further drain on staff and business efficiency.
  • Complex infrastructure requirements: Tronitech had to operate nine separate servers for three distinct systems to accommodate various technical limitations and configurations. This fragmented setup was a makeshift arrangement pieced together over years to find something that worked within the system’s many limitations.
  • Conflicts with Windows OS: Each time a Windows update was released, the system would malfunction, often requiring a rollback to a previous version. This had a dual negative impact on both productivity and system security.
  • Insufficient support for modern systems: Tronitech’s existing solution required Internet Explorer, an outdated browser that Microsoft no longer supports. This introduced additional security risks and performance issues.

The Game Changer: KODAK Info Input Solution

“Professional Services from Kodak Alaris worked with Tronitech to successfully configure 265 existing jobs in Info Input Solution in just a couple weeks.”

For many years, Tronitech has relied on the award-winning workhorse production scanners that Kodak Alaris is known for around the world. Their existing fleet of Kodak i4000 Series Scanners and their long-term partnership with Kodak Alaris helped to make their choice of a software solution an easy decision to make.

After a month-long evaluation of Kodak Info Input Solution running in their Azure environment, it was clear that Info Input Solution was the perfect fit with their existing workflows, configuration requirements, varied customer base, and growth plans. It also provided them with several advanced features they could take advantage of in future projects.

Tronitech collaborated with the sales and professional services teams at Kodak Alaris to configure 265 jobs in Info Input Solution. These customer jobs had been built over 17 years, and some of them had been migrated from different software solutions over time. It was every bit as messy as it sounds, and yet every job was successfully migrated to Info Input Solution in just a couple weeks—and the processing of these jobs is much faster than before.

Here’s how the system works, at a high level:

“Tronitech can now serve more customers in less time, putting them on an accelerated growth path without adding hardware or staff.”

  1. Document capture: Paper documents of various sizes and types are scanned using Kodak i4000 Series Scanners, highly regarded for their speed, accuracy, reliability, and high capacity.
  2. Data processing: Kodak Info Input Solution automatically classifies, extracts, categorizes, and indexes data. In addition to paper documents, the system also processes emails and their attachments, such as images, emails, PDFs, Word documents, and Excel files.
  3. AI and machine learning (ML): Info Input Solution integrates with Microsoft Cognitive Services to act on certain data when necessary. For example, if a business sends out a large customer survey, they can use Cognitive Services to verify addresses to improve the accuracy and return rate.
  4. Data validation: Extracted data undergoes automatic verification and augmentation via enterprise systems and RPA tools.
  5. Delivery: The verified data is finally integrated into various business systems and enterprise applications, including Tronitech’s VaultView software for storage and customer retrieval.

A Successful Transformation on Many Levels

The differences between the previous system and Kodak Info Input Solution have been dramatic. Tronitech can now serve more customers in less time, putting them on an accelerated growth path without adding hardware or staff.They have achieved many key business results, including:

  • Reduced infrastructure and licensing: Tronitech was able to reduce their document processing infrastructure from nine servers and multiple licenses to one server and one license. Despite requiring far less in terms of computing power, the new system is faster and more productive.
  • Fewer resource requirements: Transitioning from nine separate servers running three convoluted systems to a single, fully integrated system on a single server has made a huge difference to the staff at Tronitech.
  • Faster job configuration: The time required to set up individual jobs was reduced from 2 hours to a mere 20 minutes. If you extrapolate this to the entire Tronitech customer base, the productivity gains are easy math.
  • Greater processing volume: Tronitech can now handle twice the processing volume on a single server, compared to the previous nine-server setup.
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs: The costs to own, operate, and maintain those nine servers has been replaced by simplicity, speed, and seamless automation.
  • System flexibility and security: The new system is fully compatible with modern applications and Windows updates, thus eliminating security risks and the need for system rollbacks and other time-consuming IT configuration tasks.It works now and is ready for the future.
  • Built-in features that add value: The ability to process emails and their attachments like PDFs, Excel files, Word documents, and images—without add-on costs–has made a big difference to Tronitech’s bottom line.
  • Future-proofing with AI: Right out of the box, Info Input Solution integrates with the world’s most advanced AI engines, such as Microsoft Cognitive Services. This capability adds immense value for Tronitech’s customers and future-proofs their document processing capabilities.
  • Automatic reporting: It’s easy to pull reports into daily emails for quick updates and team reviews. Audit and statistics data is included for no additional charge and Power BI report templates are provided for typical reporting needs. With Power BI, no additional licensing is needed to generate reports.

Conclusion: The Right Partner for Digital Transformation

The decision to switch to Kodak Info Input Solution solved many challenges and paved the way for a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable future for Tronitech’s business. Even specialists in digital transformation can have their own digital transformation journey, all in the name of progress and performance. Tronitech’s digital transformation with technology and support from Kodak Alaris demonstrates how the right partner can make all the difference in the effort to set a clear and sustainable path forward for growth.


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