KODAK S2000 Series Top 9 reasons to Buy

By Dana Jones, Channel Marketing Manager, Kodak Alaris

The most productive tools for your desktop since the stapler

Like your stapler, Kodak S2000 Series Scanners put it all together! Get lower initial and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), virtually jam-free operation, onboard image processing, wireless and USB 3.1 connectivity, and many other advantages.

Here are 9 powerful ways the KODAK S2000 Series Scanners streamline desktop capture 

1. Lower costs today and tomorrow
Planning technology capital investments requires a delicate balance between selecting solutions that are future-proofed enough to grow with your business, while meeting your budget requirements for today. With a friendly price and lower power needs, the S2000 Series Scanners make sense. Embedded Image Processing on the Kodak S2000 Series Scanners takes away the dependence on a high-powered PC, with powerful built in processors that handle image processing at the scanner rather than the desktop, saving time and money in the process.

2. Built for the way you work now
With a small footprint, the Kodak S2000 Series Scanners handle hard cards to ultra-thin paper – ideal for customer-facing applications. In many industries customer identification is common or in some cases mandatory. Passport authentication is viewed as an opportunity to build efficiencies, automation and effectiveness. With the Kodak Passport Flatbed Accessory, organizations can easily scan passports and other documents, making the identification process seamless and efficient.

3. Connection flexibility
The ability to connect via a wired network, Wi-Fi, or USB allows you to choose what works best for your environment. The S2060w/S2080w Scanners are great for collaborative, open plan offices and small work groups, with up to 10 people capable of using the scanner in network mode. They can connect to an enterprise wireless infrastructure, create its own wireless access point ad hoc network, or connects via ethernet or USB and change to wireless as business requirements evolve.

4. Fast-real world speeds, superior image quality
Scan more, quickly all with industry-leading image processing. Perfect Page technology optimizes scanned images to deliver the best quality information to your business processes, cutting down on wasted time and costs as well.

5. Virtually jam-free paper handling
Active Feed Technology auto aligns the leading edge of all pages – slashing document prep needs while Controlled Stacking neatly organizes output. Problem scanning due to misfeeds and poor alignment will be greatly reduced, so you and your team won’t have to spend extra time getting it exactly right.

6. Big, color, info-rich interface
Use predefined job setups to make repetitive, complex tasks as easy as pressing one-button. Configure up to nine different functions to fit your specific scanning needs and quickly perform common scanning tasks. Get going quickly with Smart Touch and Capture Pro Limited Edition.

7. IT friendly and secure
It is easy to set up and update scanners remotely and includes enterprise security protocols for network scanning. The award-winning easy setup feature creates a reusable configuration sheet to scan and automatically configure settings on devices. It greatly reduces the time it takes to configure new scanners, and can be used to quickly and easily ensure that all compatible scanners in a fleet are configured with the desired settings.

8. More smart, productivity boosting features
Intelligent Document Protection prevents jams and saves docs from damage; Intelligent Barcode Reading for faster, more accurate data extraction; Intelligent Exception Processing to instantly validate forms and identify problems as documents are being scanned.

9. Peace of mind and productivity protection
With all the features built in the Kodak S2000 Series Scanners, it is very unlikely to experience any difficulties or defects, as the product is exceptionally built to provide a seamless, lasting solution to your scanning needs. In the unlikely event of a product defect, the scanners do come with a 3-year advanced unit replacement (AUR) warranty – upgradeable to 5 years.

Bigger production. Smaller footprint. Put it all together on your desktop with an S2000 Series Scanner.


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