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Kodak Alaris speeds up document scanning for TNT France

Making proof of delivery (PoD) information available faster offers many benefits. In the case of TNT France, improving customer experience was key means to speed up the processing of daily route sheets so the company’s customers could obtain proof of delivery information sooner.

Each morning, the leading express delivery services company handed out route sheets to its drivers across its various locations. At the end of the day and after a check of the receipt confirmations, the route sheets were scanned by the drivers themselves, leading to considerable gains of efficiency and time. In order to do so, the sites of TNT France have been equipped with Kodak Alaris’ document scanners.

TNT France choses Kodak Alaris scanners

In order to speed up processing of the sheets and the availability of proof of delivery information to customers, TNT France needed easy to use and highly productive scanners, especially as the volumes of deliveries and related documents are high.

In some of its locations, for instance in the city of Lyon, over 3,200 pages need to be scanned every day. Thanks to the deployed solution and Kodak Alaris’ scanners, the whole operation is done faster than previously, when TNT France outsourced the job. As a result, customers now can dispose of their proof of delivery information the next day, at 8AM.

On top of improving customer experience and satisfaction, the transition to fast digitization of route sheets also enables the company to optimise its logistics.

The solution

The solution that was chosen by express delivery services leader TNT France consists of Kodak i2800 and Kodak i2900 scanners which proved to live up to the digitization demands of the company. They were installed by Kodak Alaris partner Everial, a major French player in the document management space. While the drivers scan the sheets themselves and the proof of delivery data is indexed and made available to customers automatically, Everial also takes care of back office management, storage, physical archiving of the documents and retrieval.

Almost 54,000 delivery documents are now scanned each day in France using the solution. For Michel Passicos, director of processes and operational systems at TNT France, the benefits and results are clear: “customer satisfaction considerably improves thanks to a faster processing of delivery sheets so customers can get access to proof of delivery information in the fastest possible way”.


i2x20 Scanner

i2820 型扫描仪

  • 高达每分钟 70 页的彩色/黑白扫描速度
  • 图形化 LCD 显示
  • LED 指示灯始终处于待机状态,方便即时扫描
Kodak i2900 Scanner (Office)

i2900 型扫描仪

  • 高达每分钟 60 页的彩色/黑白扫描速度
  • 内置书籍大小的平板扫描仪
  • 自定义用户界面


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