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How do you plan on optimizing your current capture processes?

With a long history of expertise in information capture and automation solutions for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Shared Service Centers (SSC), and other lines of business, Kodak Alaris understands where digital transformation and automation solutions can deliver the greatest results in terms of business efficiency gains. One way to deliver such results, and a fast ROI, is the use of information capture software to automate the process of extracting, classifying, and populating index data from a variety of sources.

Common methods for indexing and routing business-critical documents

There are several ways to index a scanned image. The lowest cost method is to give each document an automatically generated file name as it’s scanned. However, this option does not lead to efficiency gains because it doesn’t make document  retrieval any easier, and it doesn’t enable a document to be routed to end points easily.

An operator could add patch sheets or barcodes to a batch to add some constraints to the file naming, or to identify the storage location, but you would still have to search a large number of files to locate specific documents. Therefore, in reality, this “low cost” option produces high hidden costs due to significant process inefficiencies.

Higher-cost methods involve electronically tagging a file with descriptive information about its contents and defining its precise storage location. This method may minimize retrieval errors but it’s expensive and  slow, it usually requires significant investment in an Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) engine, and typically incurs ongoing ‘click’ charges.  This option proves to be too expensive for both low-volume and high-volume projects.

Turn repetitive processes into real savings with KODAK Capture Pro

Out of the box, Kodak Capture Pro is a fully featured production scanning solution. Designed to run scanners at full rated speed, it has a fully featured and configurable indexing system, bar code reading, and integrated database lookups. It can perform completeness checks such as the presence of a signature or a mark in a tick box. 

The performance and efficiency of Capture Pros is well known throughout the document scanning and management industry. Thoughtful touches that are unique to Capture Pro include the ability for operators to rapidly key indexes into large batches without having to search through images, the ability to perform database lookups on the fly, and integrated information from barcodes when loading. These features enable operators to focus only on data that is missing.

Key features of KODAK Capture Pro

Dual Stream Capability

For scanners that offer dual stream capability – including most Kodak scanners – Capture Pro software provides full dual stream support. This means you can produce bitonal output for easy indexing and keep the color or grayscale images for archiving, with no reduction in throughput speed. And, you can use different output options for each stream.

Intelligent Quality Control

Intelligent quality control provides better images for improved downstream processes. Work on the fly with Kodak scanners or non-Kodak scanners

  • Questionable images can be automatically flagged for review

  • Launch it manually for selected and/or flagged images

  • Converts original color/gray images to black and white

  • Performs hole fill, auto-orientation, auto-crop, de-skew, and ‘apply to all’.

  • Displays results before and after adjustments

Superior Indexing

Capture Pro provides powerful and flexible indexing with features like:

  • 999 Index fields

  • Zonal OCR/MICR

  • 126 OCR languages

  • 1-D and 2-D barcodes

  • Point-and-click OCR to reduce the risk of errors

  • Mark detection

  • Database Lookup

  • Look up 1 or 2 key index values to populate other fields

  • Double Data Entry Indexing which enhances data integrity

Auto Import

The Auto Import feature automatically polls ‘hot folders’, imports the images, and processes them as if they were coming right from a scanner.  It runs unattended and can work 24/7.  As long as the server is running, no manual starts up or shut down is required and Auto Import will start up automatically when the server is rebooted.

Kodak Scanners and Capture Pro software: Better Together

Production capture scanners from Kodak Alaris lead the industry because of their speed, image quality, and intelligent features, including smart job selection sorting, and exception handling. It’s all designed to reduce the time and costs associated with document preparation, data extraction and processing, and systems integration.

Even though Kodak Capture Pro software integrates seamlessly with scanners from other manufacturers, it’s optimized to work with Kodak scanners.  There’s a reason Kodak Alaris is considered the gold standard for document scanning quality and accuracy, and why Kodak Alaris continues to receive industry recognition for its end-to-end document transformation solutions.


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