Why RPA Software Is a Growing Trend for Businesses of All Kinds

Several key business advantages are driving organizations toward RPA software solutions


Companies all over the world are increasingly relying on robotic process automation (RPA) software to improve operational efficiency and overall business performance. According to Gartner research, global RPA software revenue is growing at a rate of about 20% annually, and they predict this rate will continue at least through 2024.

What Is RPA and Why Is It Important?

RPA is advanced software that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to help organizations achieve new levels of efficiency and cost savings. With RPA software, tedious and repetitive tasks can be completed faster and more accurately. Eliminating the potential for human error prevents re-work and the need for downstream corrections. This process efficiency also enables employees to focus on other tasks.

RPA software makes a significant difference for paper-intensive organizations like healthcare clinics, government agencies, insurance firms, and any other industry that regularly handles large volumes of documents and data.

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Key Business Advantages

RPA software makes it easy to streamline workflows for high-repetition processes. Employees no longer need to engage in the tedious repetitive tasks that often lead to burn-out, decreased productivity, and human error.

The software integrates with a company’s internal systems so that large amounts of data can be efficiently collected, filtered, and organized. When documents or data sets need human eyes and attention, staff can pick up where RPA tasks have reached completion. Here are some of the key business advantages of deploying RPA software in your enterprise:

  • Speed and process efficiency: RPA software doesn’t break for coffee, lunch, or the restroom—bots continue to work without delay until a programmed task is complete. Adding this kind of process efficiency to tasks formerly completed manually can create a positive ripple effect across an organization.
  • Data accuracy: The integrity of data is critical to any business. Automation and machine learning technologies are transforming business processes by ensuring data accuracy at the point of intake all the way through to data storage. Intelligent automation eliminates the repetitive manual tasks that would otherwise bring human error into the process. This leads to less business risk and fewer disruptions to critical business processes.
  • Data Insights: Analytics are essential to success in business today. Tracking and organizing data into actionable insights can inform critical business decisions. RPA software has integrated data insight tools that enable company leaders and decision makers to see where they’re performing well and where they’re not.
  • Improved data security: With artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, RPA software can instantly recognize and extract data in paper documents without requiring human eyes to validate. In addition, you can automatically redact sensitive information to ensure data privacy.
  • Time and cost savings: Companies are saving a lot of money in this challenging economic environment by using RPA software for critical but highly repetitive tasks. This also frees up employees for other assignments. Businesses that rely on a lot of paper-based processes often reap the greatest benefits from using RPA software.

Image Quality Is Key

To get the most out of RPA software, you need high-quality images. The intelligence built into RPA technology can’t do anything with unreadable data. This means the quality of the output from the document scanner is critical.

Perfect Page Technology from Kodak Alaris optimizes image quality to extract precise information, with optimal character recognition that’s 20% to 70% better than most alternatives in the market, based on testing by Keypoint Intelligence (Buyer’s Lab). Kodak Capture Pro Software quickly converts large volumes of these high-quality images into digital documents and extracted data that’s ready to use in a variety of integrated business systems and storage technologies. 

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Kodak Alaris and UiPath

In 2020, Kodak Alaris announced a global alliance with UiPath, an industry-leading RPA software company. This alliance enables Kodak Alaris to deliver advanced RPA solutions to its customers and gives UiPath access to Kodak Alaris’ award-winning information capture solutions.

Through the UiPath Marketplace Connector, the UiPath Orchestrator easily integrates with Kodak  Capture Pro Software to deliver accurate data directly into UiPath robotics software. For more information on RPA or the Kodak Alaris and UiPath integrated solution, please complete the form below and our specialists will get in touch with you soon.


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