Simplifying Digitization Workflows for Law Firms

Law firms manage large volumes of paper every day. Transforming all that information into digital records is critical for productivity and data retention compliance. Kodak Alaris makes it easy for law firms to quickly and accurately convert paper documents into data that integrates seamlessly with existing back-office systems.


In legal offices, the large volume of paper-based workflows can overwhelm staff and lead to inefficiencies that hinder productivity and growth. With Kodak Alaris, you can automate the process of converting information on paper into digital data for case records, billing, and other back-office systems.

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Automate to improve efficiency and profitability

Law firms can save a lot of time and money by eliminating manual steps from their paper-based workflows. Kodak Alaris is helping many legal enterprises around the world to automate document conversion and get critical data where it needs to be, quickly and accurately.


Protect confidentiality and system security

Confidentiality and data security are critical. Our document scanners process data directly on the device through volatile memory, ensuring that data is erased upon transfer or shut down. Many other built-in security features and support for the latest security protocols help protect data privacy.

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Ensure data accuracy

Leverage the best technology in the document capture industry to ensure that your digital transformation workflows are optimized for speed, accuracy, and system connectivity. Our best-in-class OCR accuracy and output quality delivers reliably accurate data into your existing records management systems and storage locations.

Solutions for Law Offices and Courts

Our award-winning document scanners and software solutions are ideal for processing the wide variety of document types common in law firms and courts. Our data capture software makes it easy to recognize, index, and extract data automatically and quickly route it into existing back-office systems and storage locations.

Legal enterprises need their technology solutions to be more than just fast, accurate, and secure. They must be reliable and predictable. Peace of mind and uninterrupted performance are critical for success. Kodak Alaris offers an AUR (Advanced Unit Replacement) warranty that provides the highest level of expert support, with remote connectivity to quickly resolve any issues. If necessary, replacement scanners are shipped to law offices and courts with delivery as fast as the next business day.

“[Their professional services and exceptional warranty system] are a big reason why Kodak Alaris is regarded so highly, and why there is a Kodak scanner in the vast majority of courthouses in the state.”

--Major technology solutions reseller in the US

Featured Scanners for Law Offices

The Kodak S3000 Max Series Scanners are ideal for law offices. With their superior speed and accuracy, it’s easy to accelerate document conversion workflows and elevate your law firm to higher level of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

S3000 Max Series Scanner

S3120 Max Scanner

120ppm | 500 Sheet ADF
  • Productive, high capacity scanning
  • USB and wired Ethernet
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • 20 Quick Scan Jobs
Learn more
S3000 Max Series Scanner

S3140 Max Scanner

140ppm | 500 Sheet ADF
  • High speed, high capacity scanning
  • USB and wired Ethernet
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • 20 Quick Scan Jobs
Learn more
Alaris Capture Pro

Capture Pro Software

  • Ideal for paper-intensive business applications
  • Extensive integration with ECM systems
  • Network and Import modules available
Learn more
Info Input Screen

KODAK Info Input Solution

  • Ideal for large, enterprise customers
  • Integrates with business applications
  • Mobile module option
Learn more

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