Financial Services Provider Improves Customer Experience with Scanners from Kodak Alaris

A scanner fleet refresh project across several thousand locations resulted in a leading financial services provider choosing scanners from Kodak Alaris to boost its information capture capabilities. The investment in 8,000 Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners has paid major dividends. Following a competitive re-certification process in 2020, the company has now rolled out an additional 250 units of the Kodak E1035 Scanner for its US operations.

The firm is a global provider of financial services and small business solutions. The company is a disruptor within the financial services industry and believes the best solutions blend digital capabilities with human expertise and care. They were looking for a document scanning solution that was easy to use and easy to implement remotely.

The firm evaluated several vendors’ solutions, and after an on-site demo, they decided to switch to Kodak Scanners. In the initial investment phase, the firm purchased 8,000 Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners. Quickly realizing the benefits of these compact yet powerful scanners, which combine a user-friendly interface, simple operation and reliable performance, phase two saw the company boost its capture capabilities with the purchase of the newer KODAK E1035 Scanners.

Scanners from Kodak Alaris are designed to optimize workflows that involve paper. Small, quiet, quick, and intelligently designed, its desktop scanners deliver outstanding image quality – critical for the firm’s customer service reps, who use the scanners to process driver’s licenses, passports, W-2 forms and other financial documents. Moreover, fast processing speeds have improved turnaround times, which positively impacts customer service.

The E1035 Scanners are helping the firm further boost its document capture capability for time-critical tasks. This model takes less than ten seconds to power up and start scanning, it offers speeds up to 25 pages per minute and is easy to set up. Innovative Smart Touch technology enables users to scan right out of the box and integrate with existing business processes and applications, from network to cloud.

The US arm of the business conducted a re-certification process in 2020, benchmarking and evaluating scanners from Kodak Alaris alongside other vendors’ offering. This process focused on both of the models already in use, as well as the KODAK S2050 Scanner. Kodak Alaris technical specialists closely collaborated with the firm, providing supporting information and assistance as required.

The end-result of this process led to the firm rolling out Kodak Alaris technology across additional locations. Historically, one of the departments used its fleet of networked multifunctional printers (MFPs) to digitise documents. The results of the scanner certification process, combined with the productivity and efficiency gains, gave them the confidence to switch to dedicated scanners, and invest in hundreds of new Kodak S2050 Scanners for this department. In addition to superior image quality, fast speeds and advanced paper handling capabilities, the S2000 Series is designed to ‘dock’ on top of the KODAK Passport Flatbed Accessory, offering a quick and easy solution for scanning passports, ID cards and other small, fragile documents.

Dedicated scanners provide the ability to extract critical data from documents and seamlessly feed it into existing business processes, helping make workflows more efficient and workers more productive. With the scanners from Kodak Alaris, employees are no longer restricted by the MFPs’ basic capture and imaging options – with the S2050 Scanner, it’s easy to run complex jobs with the push of a button, while enhancing data integrity and reducing the time and cost spent on document management.

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Alaris E-1035 Scanner

E1035 Scanner

  • Up to 35 ppm color/b&w
  • Power on and start scanning in less than 10 seconds
  • Scan more documents at once with largest feeder capacity in its class
  • One-button simplicity via Smart Touch technology
s2050 s2070 Scanner

S2050 Scanner

50ppm | 80 Sheet ADF
  • Intuitive and productive
  • Built-in Active Feeding System (AFS)
  • Dual Light Illumination (DLI)
  • 20 Quick Scan Jobs


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