Fusion 7300

For basic in-line scanning processing and environments requiring reliable, intelligent batch processing

The ibml FUSiON™ Series provides powerful new imaging technology and the world’s fastest open-track feeding design, ibml FUSiON™ upends the game when it comes to processing documents, large and small, at breakneck speeds.

  • For standard in-line intelligence
  • Throughput speeds: From 320 up to 730 pages-per-minute (A4 Landscape at 200 dpi)
  • Check Speeds: 375 pm Min up to 938 pm Max
  • Expandable up to 4 pockets
  • Customise the number of pockets, pocket depth, software, information readers, and more – available for upgrade at any time.
  • Left-justified and intermixed document feeding
  • Wide range of documents: Coupons, application forms, checks, invoices, folded pamphlets, envelopes
  • Enhanced envelope detection
  • Latest camera duplex camera imaging
  • Optional 600 dpi scanning
  • Easily track and manage audit trails

The ibml FUSiON™ Series is an infrastructure with the capability to radically reduce real estate, labor, and maintenance costs while pushing productivity forward. The optimised feeder with trailblazing speeds allows processing mixed-batch documents in record time for different core business applications. With faster and more intelligent advanced sorting capabilities that recognises and classifies document types.

  • Document imprinter with high quality document and barcode imprinting
  • Fast error recovery and automated exception handling.
  • Detects unfilled fields (Missed Signatures, Streaks, Handwriting)
  • Easy installation, deployment, and improved service accessibility
  • Sleek, ergonomic body design
  • Intuitive feeder for reduced training and overall productivity increase
  • LED status indicators highlight where a stoppage has occurred
  • Security: Latest supporting OS, Veracode Level 4 certified, secure Capture Software
  • Role-based user-access controls.

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