How Kodak Alaris Ensures TAA Compliance

What Is the Trade Agreements Act (TAA)?

The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) of 1979 is a statute that combines several international trade agreements and all General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contracts. GSA is an independent U.S. government agency that supports the function and management of other federal agencies. Trade compliance is realized when all trade between two or more countries meets specific terms and conditions for lending, risk classification, taxes, and other factors.

There are countless trade agreements around the world, and they are unique to each country and the organizations within each country. Whatever the specific trade agreements entail, compliance with TAA essentially promotes international growth through a fair and open trading system.

Ensuring TAA Compliance

As a provider of advanced document scanners and capture software solutions, Kodak Alaris serves many organizations around the world that need to comply with TAA. Organizations of all types and sizes use our products, and TAA compliance is a fundamental aspect of our global business.

We’ve invested over $400 million in the research and development (R&D) of our intellectual property (IP) portfolio. We regularly analyze and perfect our portfolio to create the award-winning products that have earned the loyalty and confidence of many customers and partners around the world.

Our Work with Suppliers and Partners

Through our base IP, we create and deliver products that reflect the highest standards of image quality, performance, and reliability. Each new product is validated through the efforts of our suppliers and our partner network.

These trusted suppliers and partners help us adapt and verify new technologies; however, the electrical, mechanical, and optical components remain under the control of our system design to ensure the security certification of our IP portfolio.

Some of our suppliers may provide sub-systems or components of sub-systems, but the most important aspects of our feature collection fall under our software IP, including our Perfect Page Technology, which enhances machine control, part calibration, normalization, document variability, and image quality optimization.

  • Machine Control: Our software has downstream algorithms for precise control of clutches, motors, and cameras. This allows the image capture chain to work in sync.

  • Part Calibration: Built into our software algorithm, part calibration enables the components from other suppliers to stay within the range of our system design, eliminating any intolerances in performance.

  • Operating Normalization: To ensure optimal performance, software within our design system normalizes any factors that cause operating disruptions while addressing factors such as humidity, air pressure, and temperature.

  • Document Variability: Our system automatically detects key factors like content type and paper type while scanning. Our scalable processing platform automatically optimizes and adjusts for any challenges while scanning, producing a perfected document every 34 milliseconds.

  • Image Quality Optimization: A range of algorithms based on our image science IP work in coordination with our computational designs to deliver our award-winning image quality, considered by many customers and partners to be unmatched in the industry.

U.S. Operations

Our manufacturing and engineering teams in Rochester, New York assemble our products, validate their quality, and certify the security and authenticity of everything in our network. Our Rochester team is also responsible for our global marketing operations, global business operations, and global sales operations.

All Kodak Alaris products meet U.S guidelines for manufacturing and security, and we offer local service and support with fast response times to ensure customer satisfaction.

For more information about Kodak Alaris and how we meet TAA compliance, please call us at +1 (800) 525-6325 or visit our support center page for questions or service requests.

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