INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution

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Organizations face challenges today in reliably getting data into their business processes. 

The INfuse Solution blends our expertise in capture with your specific application to create an automated solution.


The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution offers network-connected capture that sits at the front edge of an organization's process and integrates directly into a line of business system. Content can be onboarded directly into business processes and real-time acknowledgement received at the point of scanning. Thanks to immediate exception notifications, missing forms, signatures, and other crucial information can be caught and corrected instantly, saving money and improving the customer experience.

It's smart

  • Scan one easy set-up sheet
  • Access automated workflows
  • No end-user training required
  • Finished image files directly from scanner

It's connected

  • Continuous monitoring with notifications
  • Accurate delivery of data and metadata
  • Seamless integration with your applications
  • No on-site PC or software required

It's scalable

  • Cloud-capable, modern, scalable architecture
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Tightly integrated
  • Remotely managed


The INfuse solution offers an unprecedented opportunity for our channel partners to engage with customers to streamline expensive business processes, meet your biggest challenges, and quickly grow new revenue streams.

Onboarding content

You want a cost-effective way for your customers to efficiently and correctly onboard content in their business processes

Remote management of capture devices

You need an easier and less costly way to install and manage scanners at customer sites

End-user notification

You need a better, faster, less costly way to notify end users when there's a problem with content they submit

Partner protection

You want to brand and protect your solution, especially from being commoditized by discounted, off-the-shelf components

INfuse Authentication

Flexible Options for Expanding Your Solution

You need customer specific options for user authentication and destination connectors.


man at computer


Best of breed capture & image enhancement technology paired with your solution.

  • Enhance your existing solution or service with real-time notifications - increasing customer satisfaction
  • No need for deployment of maintenance of additional PC‘s
  • Have full control and manage your fleet & solution centrally
  • Offer a new, secure, scalable cloud solution to differentiate yourself
  • Expansion modules to add new functionality when and where it is needed, paying for only what you need.


Advanced solution that doesn‘t require IT involvement and allows for capture directly into a business process.

  • New, secure and reliable solution or service giving the confidence to get capture right first time and minimize exceptions
  • Short lead-time and easy on-site set-up without IT involvement and training
  • Have full control and manage your fleet & solution centrally
  • No need for the purchase of additional PC‘s


The INfuse Solution integrates directly with applications and enables customers to carry out tasks in hours which, in the past, may have taken days to complete. To address these needs, the INfuse Solution includes three key components.

Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Partner Software Application

Partner software or line of business applications such as invoice processing, medical records management, or customer account management integrates with our APIs to create a full solution.

  • Invoice Processing workflows have an easy on-ramp to move receipts, invoices, and other documents directly into these systems
  • HR records can be kept secure and efficiently filed with peace of mind as documents receive real-time feedback
  • Medical records can be sent and instantly received as the INfuse Solution is compact and can be put on the nursing station
  • Logistics Companies that have a variety of depots can place the INfuse solution in each location for people to return PODs, Customer Returns and missed shipping notices 
Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

INfuse Management Software

The INfuse Management software allows you to manage the fleet, set-up the workflow, configure the devices and allocate licenses- all hosted and operated by the partner.

  • Simply apply the INfuse license to the Management Software in your cloud and then deploy the scanners 

  • End-users simply scan an easy set-up sheet provided by the partner and they are up and running with no training required, which slashes upfront and ongoing management costs
  • Ship the setup sheets out in a box to each customer site and use them to connect and download the dedicated application process flows

  • This allows you to spread your development and integration costs across your customers and achieve faster ROI.
Alaris Scanner Icon

INfuse AX Scanner

The INfuse AX Scanner offers enterprise-level security, including a separate data path and control path to isolate confidential content for secure transmission.

  • The scanner can be configured to carry the partner’s branding on its display 

  • Using Perfect Page technology, it has the same high-quality paper scanning and image quality that you are used to from a Kodak Alaris device 

  • Secure solution with optional LDAP and Card Reader support
  • All the data and metadata are transferred independently of the management software because one stream could contain secure data and you need to keep it away from the management and administration layer

  • A unique user messaging can be sent back to the scanner, such as “Page 3 missing a signature” or “Missing PO Number” so that you can give a very clear description of why the system cannot process the document



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