Kodak Alaris and Centillion enable a major hospital to accelerate its digital transformation


Centillion Solutions & Services Pvt Ltd is the national master system integrator for Kodak Alaris' range of document scanners and imaging software solutions in India. As India's largest state-of-the-art imaging component solutions and services provider, the company has significant expertise in intelligent data capture, document management and workflow automation, and works with clients to help streamline manual processes, reduce costs and boost efficiency.


A major hospital which provides advanced healthcare services in over 30 specialties, was looking to accelerate its digital transformation and modernize the management of its medical records library. The hospital was reliant on a largely paper-based system with hardcopy files stored in a warehouse offsite. The cost of storage space was substantial, and moving forward would only continue to increase, unless steps were taken to migrate to a digital filing system.

The legacy workflow was time- intensive, each patient visit created a file retrieval request which involved the medical records department having to physically locate the record and deliver it to the relevant physician. This process was lengthy, cumbersome, and prone to error. One of the key drivers for change was to improve on the turnaround time to action each request.

The hospital turned to Centillion to recommend a solution that would enable it to create electronic medical records (EHRs) in line with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare standards, save money, increase efficiency and deliver enhanced care for all patients.


Centillion recommended and supplied 41 scanners from Kodak Alaris, models included the Kodak S3060 Scanner, Kodak E1025 Scanner, Kodak E1035 Scanner, and Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner, bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. The majority of scanners have been installed in the Medical Records Departments across multiple hospitals, with other models deployed to enable capture at the edge at front desks for patient registrations, in HR departments, as well as within specific specialties such as cardiac and cancer care facilities.


Centillion has helped one of the largest hospitals in India reduce costs, increase productivity, and further improve patient care, by providing clinicians with access to digital patient records. The scanners and software from Kodak Alaris, combined with Centillion's expertise, has enabled the healthcare services provider to automate and streamline the previously time- intensive and inefficient process of retrieving patient records.

Automated workflow

The entire capture workflow is now fully automated. Case files and individual documents resulting from patients attending an appointment, are digitized using the scanners from Kodak Alaris. The scanners combine fast processing speeds, smooth paper flow and superior document handling versatility, while Capture Pro Software Limited Edition automatically optimizes image quality and produces accurate data extraction results.

Once captured, all digital medical records are filed under the patient's unique ID, multiple files can be sent to a hot folder from where they are automatically uploaded to the organization’s Hospital Management System (HMS).

Capture Pro Software has helped streamline the entire capture process and remove unnecessary manual steps. Case files are automatically separated with a blank page; unique patient IDs are captured using drag-and- drop OCR for indexing purposes, which makes the retrieval process easier; and file sizes are reduced as unwanted blank pages are automatically removed thanks to the software's blank page skip feature.

Sophisticated paper handling

Sophisticated paper handling technology that includes features such as Multi-Feed Detection, which instantly detects a multi- feed or multi-layer document, such as a sheet of paper with a sticky note attached, and Active Feed Technology which ensures that paper documents are fed smoothly and efficiently, significantly reduce the time spent digitizing documents. Additionally, Perfect Page technology provides state-of- the-art capabilities for image enhancement including deskew and auto-cropping, which minimizes the time spent handling documents and delivers more accurate information to automated workflows.

Creating electronic health records has also decreased the potential for files to be misplaced as well as removed the risk of a delay in care as a result of a physician waiting for records to be delivered. Under the legacy system, it would take between four to six hours to retrieve a physical file for a patient's scheduled appointment, and up to a day in instances where the patient presented without advance notice. With the new digital medical records library, physicians are able to access the information they need in real- time.

Time and cost savings

The hospital is benefitting from time and cost savings previously spent on manual filing, tracking, searching for and retrieving records. Using the new scanners, the medical records department is digitizing around 250 case files per day. The more records that are digitized, the less physical space is required for storage, which will continue to deliver ongoing savings.

Digitization has helped the medical records department to streamline critical processes and provide front-line medical staff with significantly faster access to patient information. The hospital plans to invest in more scanners from Kodak Alaris to realize further efficiencies as its digital transformation continues.

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