Opthalmic Institute Digitizes Patient records

Scanners and Capture Pro automate paper-based patient services for effective records management

The Challenge

On an average, the ophthalmic institute caters to over 1,200 patients each day and performs approximately 100 surgeries. This has been achieved through a well structured combination of bringing together qualified professionals and the latest technology, to deliver world-class healthcare to patients.

In order to maximize their reach and revenue they needed to consistently ensure:

  • Quick management of patients during the registration and billing process; as it has been observed that patients usually form their opinion about their experience during this stage of the patient flow process.
  • Establishment of a reliable system which seamlessly handles the high volume of patient data, as well as efficiently integrates all hospital departments.
  • Automation of operations to help them achieve their goal to go paperless, and meet patient management and serve patients better thereby meeting their expectations.
  • They realized that an overhaul of their scanning process, through the use of scanners from Kodak Alaris, would be able to help them boost efficiency and thereby augment customer experience and growth. Kodak Alaris understood that only scanning patient records and uploading these to the centralized server, i.e., paper to paperless office, would not bring about the revolutionary change this institute was looking to achieve. It was necessary to bring in a higher degree of automation to improve the overall outcome of the process.

Kodak Alaris Solutions

Our solutions grasp the intricacies and variances present in this niche domain and are customized to capture key patient information such as their proof of identity (ID), Date of Birth (DoB), etc. from the document and categorize it as metadata. This metadata plays an important role in effective management of patient records and improves automation.

The state of operations and how Kodak Alaris changed the game

  • The client was already utilizing their in-house hospital information software to manage patient medical bills from various departments within the organization.
  • They now needed to upload all patient records to the HIS software to streamline data storage and improve the timeframe for processing of information within the hospital. They required a well-devised solution to help convert patients paper-based documents into digital records.
  • Given the requirements, the client recognized that the document scanners from Kodak Alaris were best suited to handle their workflow.
  • Kodak Alaris first understood the specific requirements of the client, such as the size and volume of patient records, timeline to complete the digitalization process, manpower involvement for the scanning procedure etc.
  • Based on this evaluation, the client implemented Kodak Capture Pro software. The scanned output image sent to Kodak Capture Pro software recognizes the value of the patient information present on the documents, the types of document such as bills, lab reports etc. It can also extract metadata from the document. reports etc. It can also extract metadata from the document.
  • Kodak Capture Pro software also seamlessly integrates with the client’s Hospital Information Systems (HIS) software, so that these files automatically upload into the corresponding patient records. Thus, Kodak Alaris’ solution helps streamline the business flow of unstructured and structured data end-to-end and improves overall business efficiency.

Results Overview

There are several benefits of using Kodak Alaris solutions to streamline hospital operations.

  • The data is configured appropriately at the source and hence, does not involve any transferring of paper slips, to be handed over to an encoder. This reduces documentation requirements and minimizes the use of paper.
  • Provides quick access and retrieval of patient information and hospital transactions.
  • Improves turn-around time for hospital procedures dependent on data heavy references – which earlier required paper-based slips and logbooks.
  • Better audit controls and compliance with corporate policies.
  • Enhanced cost-effectiveness, due to reduced overhead costs incurred due to manual transfer of data in a paper based format.

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