SceyeX A4 / A3 with PRIMEflash

One-touch simplicity and award-winning image quality

With its innovative design, the Alaris SceyeX document camera scanner allows you to capture your documents instantly- even while you are reading them. The scanner will take a snapshot of the document, straighten and auto-crop the image to the actual document size all in one take, no mouse or keyboard action required. PRIMEflash technology allows reflection free scans even on glossy surfaces like magazines, envelopes, id-cards and more. An optical resolution of 10 megapixel allows for razor sharp scan results in just 1 second and scanned documents can be saved as a PDF (OCR text) automatically. Perfect for a simple search by text content through Windows Search or Spotlight (Mac).

  • Place your document in the laser projection area on your desktop and sceye will take a snapshot.
  • Straighten and auto-crop the image to the actual document size - all in one take - no mouse or keyboard action required.
  • With sceye, even small receipts, stapled pages or pages directly from a folder or binder can be captured.

How To Buy

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