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The landscape for healthcare providers has never been more complex. Professional staff are expected to manage the complexities of regulation, compliance and payer requirements while containing budget and delivering a great customer experience. That is no small task, and managing information is at the heart of many of the day-to-day challenges that organizations face. It’s not surprising, but many healthcare providers still rely heavily on paper and manual workflows for their processes. When you digitize documents, you can extract the information from them, index it and route data to medical records systems for retrieval by staff. Find out how healthcare organizations met their digital transformation goals with Alaris, and get practical advice on how information capture can help you on your journey.  

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Choisir le bon scanner de documents pour les services de soins

Alaris, scanners for healthcare

Quelles sont les meilleures fonctions à envisager pour choisir les meilleurs scanners pour les services de soins et la numérisation des dossiers médicaux ?

Alaris aide le Plymouth NHS Trust à mettre en place la numérisation en interne

Alaris Case Study - University Hospitals Plymouth

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust met en place un bureau interne qui utilise des scanners, des logiciels et des services Alaris.

L’hôpital Noble passe au tout numérique avec l’aide d’Alaris

Alaris Nobles Hospital Case Study

Les scanners de Kodak Alaris traitent 90 000 dossiers médicaux.

Aintree Case Study

Kodak Alaris i4000 and i5000 series scanners

Providing doctors better access to patient information improves patient care 

US Healthcare Case Study

Kodak Alaris Records Management

A major US health system and school of medicine rolls out distributed capture to 400+ locations with Kodak Alaris scanners

Simplifiez la gestion des dossiers

Kodak Alaris IN2 Eco-System

Gestion des dossiers | Infographie
Comment conjuguer respect des normes professionnelles et réglementaires et gestion des coûts ?