Paper Waste Reduction Tips for Your Office

From finding paper alternatives to sending email memos and everything in between, here’s how to reduce paper waste in your office.

Did you know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year? Or that an estimated 45% of all documents printed in offices end up tossed in the trash by the end of the day?

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that office paper products such as handouts, copy paper, and notebooks make up the largest percentage of landfill waste. Here are some tips on how to reduce paper waste in your office and create a more eco-friendly — and organized — work environment.

Recycle & Shred Paper Documents

First things first: Recycle and shred.

To reduce paper waste, make sure you and everyone in your office know what is recyclable and where it goes. Ensure that important or private documents are being shredded, the paper is being recycled, and only true waste goes in the trash. Send your colleagues helpful charts they can reference if they need to, and post one at your designated recycling and waste center.

Get Rid of Personal Waste & Recycle Bins

Although this tip may seem counter-productive at first, eliminating personal waste bins will cause employees to consider their trash more carefully. Having a clearly marked centralized waste and recycle center in your office will make individuals think about what they’re throwing away and where it goes rather than tossing everything under their desks.

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Eliminate Paper Notebooks and Post-it Reminders

Reduce paper waste by eliminating the number of paper notebooks you use. Designate one physical planner for quick notes and to-do lists if you find that pen and paper help you stay more organized, but consider eco-friendly options. Set task reminders on your computer or with helpful mobile apps to reduce the use of post-it notes.

Avoid Handouts at Meetings

Avoid over-printing unimportant materials by sending employees a pre-meeting outline and post-meeting recap via email. Need to collect some feedback? Create a shareable Google document that is accessible to everyone and able to be edited by all.

Consider Alternative Paper Materials for Printing

If you must physically print out documents for one reason or another, consider alternative paper materials, such as 100% recycled or post-consumer waste paper or tree-free fiber-crop and hemp-based paper.

Register for Paperless Billing

Most banks and billing companies offer paperless billing options to make payment processes more manageable and eco-friendly. Eliminating paper bills that you would likely shred or recycle anyway will help organize your workspace and get rid of unnecessary paper waste.

Give Employees the Option for Direct Deposit & Online Pay Stubs

Besides being a faster, more efficient way of getting a paycheck, direct deposit also eliminates paper pay stubs that end up shoved in closets, drawers, or physical filing cabinets. Give your employees access to their pay stubs and payment documents via online payroll solutions.

Store Manuals & Company Policy Information in Google Drive

Instead of handing out several paper documents outlining company policy changes or employee handbooks, compile important information into a shared, accessible folder in a Google Drive and keep it updated.

Store Files Digitally With Document Scanners

One of the best tips for reducing paper waste is to digitize your paper documents with an office document scanner. Digitizing your documents helps you eliminate paper products, conserve storage space, and protect important and confidential documents. Once your files are digitally stored, they can be easily shared and accessed by authorized personnel in your office, eliminating the need to make additional physical copies.

Desktop scanners such as the E1000 series and the S2000 series are compact and easy to use, making them an essential tool if you plan to organize your office and reduce paper waste. For smaller businesses, home offices, or client-facing mobile companies, smaller, portable scanners such as the Scanmate i940 are effective solutions for digitizing paper documents and sharing information on the go.

Contact Kodak Alaris to learn more about how our document scanners and scanner technology can help you stay organized and reduce paper waste in your office environment.

관련 솔루션

i940 Scanner

SCANMATE i940 스캐너

20ppm | 20매 ADF
  • 휴대용 소형 스캐너
  • USB 전원
  • 강력한 미디어 처리
  • 9개의 빠른 스캔 작업
s2050 s2070 Scanner

S2050 스캐너

50ppm | 80매 ADF
  • 직관적이고 생산적입니다
  • 내장된 AFS(Active Feeding System)
  • 이중 조명 조명(DLI)
  • 20개의 빠른 스캔 작업
s2060w s2080w Scanner

S2060w 스캐너

60ppm | 80매 ADF
  • 생산적이고 공유 가능한 네트워크 검색
  • 삽입된 이미지 처리
  • 부서당 최대 20개의 작업 생성
  • 이중 조명 조명(DLI)


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