Kodak Alaris and Excel Business Systems enable IT solutions provider to improve efficiency by more than 30%


Kodak Alaris partner Excel Business Systems has helped a leading IT and communication solutions provider optimize efficiency within its digitization department. The organization provides services to the departments and agencies of the government of Kerala. With software and document scanners from Kodak Alaris, the organization was able to quickly automate its legacy workflows. This improvement significantly reduced the time required to complete critical projects.


The organization specializes in research, development and training in imaging technology. It had secured a project to digitize examination papers on behalf of Universities in the Southern state of India. Once captured, the papers needed to be routed into the company's proprietary online marking software, before being reviewed by invigilators.

The legacy workflow was slow and cumbersome. Answer booklets totaled up to 36 pages, each of which had to be fed into the scanner. The process was further complicated by the requirement to manually separate and name individual documents, as well as check for any missing pages or mis-scans before the papers could be marked by the software.

Moreover, the organization needed additional scanning technology to digitize the government's archives. Digitizing and preserving historical records dating back 100 years, demanded best-in-class technology that could process documents, manuscripts, and other fragile items quickly and efficiently, whilst delivering the highest quality images.

The client needed to achieve a throughput of some 50,000 A4 pages per day, which their existing scanning fleet could not accommodate. It had originally planned to purchase up to 20 additional units from its legacy provider. However, having seen a demonstration of scanners from Kodak Alaris and their superior paper handling capabilities, the client approached Excel Business Systems for advice on how to implement new data capture technology that would enable it to automate manual steps, improve turnaround time, and reduce the resources required to meet strict SLAs.


Excel Business Systems recommended and provided five Kodak S2085f Scanners bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software.

The Kodak S2085f Scanner features a 300-sheet feeder with controlled exit stacking for mixed-batch handling accuracy, reliable paper handling, and a straight-through paper path to minimize document damage. It also has built-in image processing that enhances OCR accuracy and produces the best possible image quality.

Designed to work seamlessly with scanners from Kodak Alaris, Capture Pro Software has intelligent features that improve customer workflows, and quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images.


Thanks to best-in-class capture technology, the client has been able to meet its goal to digitize 50,000 pages per day. Of note is that it has reached this capacity investing in just five scanners from Kodak Alaris, rather than the 20 units it had originally planned to purchase.

Scanners from Kodak Alaris enable companies to quickly convert physical forms, records, and documents to digital format efficiently and accurately. The Kodak S2085f Scanners feature an integrated flatbed, which enables operators to seamlessly scan oversize and fragile documents safely – an important criteria when handling documents stored in the government's archives. The scanner's built-in A4 book-edge flatbed has also been a value- add, enabling it to scan books, photos, etc. faster than it could do with its legacy devices.

Capture Pro Software provides intelligent capabilities that increase productivity and improve efficiency such as Intelligent Exception Handling which ensures immediate validation of forms so any missing information at the point of transaction (like a signature) is identified and fixed. Intelligent Barcode Reading produces the most accurate data extraction results and takes complexity out of the set-up process. Moreover, Intelligent Document Protection which alerts the operator to issues before they become jams, combined with multi-feed detection sensors, ensures that documents are not damaged during the scanning process.

This powerful software has reduced the time and manual effort required to process examination papers. Operators can simply load multiple booklets using the 300-sheet feeder. The entire workflow is now much more efficient. The software's batch scanning functionality means that separating the answer papers is automated - so there's no manual sorting. Onscreen indexing enables operators to verify that all pages are scanned, and if there is any mis-match, it's easy to add or replace the pages in the batch itself. Users can then rename the files and push them through to the software for the next step, saving time and manual effort. With some of the scanning activity conducted by external resources, digital stamping functionality (which captures the PC name, time and date individual images are scanned) provides an extra layer of assurance that confidential information remains secure.

The scanners and software from Kodak Alaris have helped the service provider improve speed, accuracy and efficiency of processes. The customer has seen a 30 to 40 percent improvement in turnaround time and has reduced the human resource required by one-third. The deployment of scanners from Kodak Alaris has been so successful, the company is now trialling the Kodak S3000 Series Scanners with a view to further expanding its fleet.

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