Alaris Capture Solutions for Healthcare

Imagine what’s possible when you take the complexity out of document-based processes. You can deliver a better patient experience at lower cost when you use document scanners and capture software to digitise routines that rely on paper.


Healthcare Providers are under significant pressure to automate and reduce cost, which often conflicts with the need for accuracy and rising expectation for patient experience.

Drive Efficiency and Cost Reductions

By going digital you’re already lowering costs by taking manual steps out of your processes. You can achieve an even lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with Alaris, through superior feeding that truly optimizes document capture.

Why Alaris?

Automate for Efficiency

Advanced paper handling capabilities take costly manual steps out of scanning, and keep operations up and running. 

  • Kodak and Alaris branded scanners are built for reliability. In fact, independent testing found 99.999% document feed accuracy over two million pages scanned.
  • Smart features offer leading capabilities for paper handling - from Active feed technology’s automatic alignment of pages to Intelligent Document Protection’s suite of features that stop multi-feeds or jams before they happen.

Ensure Confidentiality and Improve Compliance

Eliminating paper records mitigates risk and ensures secure data handling and storage. Integration with leading EMRs and certification can help you meet standards and security requirements for the handling and exchange of patient data.

Why Alaris?

Securely Integrate, with Data Fidelity 

Alaris has worked with hundreds of healthcare integrators to build scanning solutions that capture data from documents and route them directly into organizations’ EMRs. 

  • Scanners from Alaris are tested or certified for use with all major United States EMR systems, including EPIC, Hyland, Cerner and McKesson
  • Scanned data is processed exclusively through volatile memory, and is erased when the device is turned off
  • Barcode reading capability keeps file sizes small, while accurately indexing and routing data to exactly the right place


Enhance Patient Care and Satisfaction

Accurate treatment depends on having access to correct patient data. Capture images without error at the highest quality with Alaris solutions, and avoid wrong action or delayed treatment.


Why Alaris?

Capture Medical Records with Clarity

Great image quality lets you more accurately extract data from medical records, admissions forms, and every other kind of document

  • Perfect Page technology delivers superior precision by performing 30+ enhancements automatically to documents
  • Get the right information the first time and avoid costly rework, with OCR read rates that are 10% more accurate than competitive devices

Scanners for Admissions

The admissions process is paper-intensive, and digitizing as soon as documents are handed over the front desk is the straightest path to a digital patient record. Alaris and Kodak branded scanners can handle all the different kinds of documents that come through at admission and discharge: models support a broad range of documents, including lighter weight papers and embossed hard cards. Flatbed options give even greater flexibility for capturing hard-bound or delicate materials. Network, wireless models give you the flexibility to capture at the point of need - even on medical carts. Innovations in document feeding technology mean that users don’t need to be scanning experts to capture the best quality data. Active Feed technology automatically jogs pages so that they line up for scanning in the feeder without worry about alignment issues or jams. Perfect Page technology ensures that scanned images are clear and crisp, so they can be used to help patients later on in their treatment journey.

S2050 Scanner

Kodak Alaris s2050/2070 Desktop Scanner
  • High quality images at up to 50 ppm color/b&w
  • Embedded image processing and excellent paper handling
  • One touch scanning to multiple applications

S2060w Scanner

Alaris s2060/s2080 scanner
  • Up to 60 ppm color/b&w
  • Adds network and wireless capability for multiuser support
  • Personalized destinations with large, color touch screen

Scan Station 710

  • Up to 70 ppm color/ bw
  • Network connected with capture done in the scanner
  • Voice annotation

Scanners for Medical Records

Accurate, organized and secure record keeping is critical, but the sheer volume of paper that comes into organizations make it difficult. Eliminating paper records is not only the means to achieve cost-efficient operations, it also mitigates risk with secure handling and storage. Kodak brand production scanners from Alaris let organizations scan patient records at high volumes, no matter what the mix of document size or quality. The heavy duty cycles of these scanners ensure all-day operation, and are built with features to reduce manual labor in the scanning process. That helps keep costs low, while delivering Perfect Page image excellence and outstanding reliability backed by Alaris support.

i4250 Scanner

  • Up to 110 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 65,000 pages per day

i5250 Scanner

  • Up to 150 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Intelligent Imprinting, patch counting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle

i5850 Scanner

  • Up to 210 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Intelligent Imprinting, patch counting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle

Back Office Document Scanners

The relationship with Payers and government directives continue to make reimbursement complex, and make the documentation requirement rigorous. When that documentation originates on paper, processing times, missing information or disputes can delay payment. That leaves healthcare Payers and in some cases, patients, to cover significant cost. You can automate and speed up back office processes, including data exchange, by digitizing documents. Do it quickly and reliably on documents like benefit eligibility verification, claims and invoices with scanners from Alaris. Production and departmental scanners from Alaris have a straight-through paper path, so it’s easy to digitize the wide range of documents needed to support Payer transactions and government regulations. The Alaris business has been supporting healthcare organizations, and has long-standing relationships with major healthcare Payers, so you can be sure scanned data is received reliably.

i3250 Scanner

  • Up to 50 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Integrated book-edge flatbed for exception documents

i3400 Scanner

i3400 Scanner
  • Up to 90 ppm color/bw, A3 scanner
  • Robust design and features
  • Up to 30,000 pages per day

i4850 Scanner

  • Up to 150 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 150,000 pages per day

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