Smart Cabinet Cloud: A document solution in response to e-document law

"Smart Cabinet Cloud” by NSM Co., Ltd., a document solution in response to e-document law, solves social issues such as community medical cooperation and community comprehensive care through DX initiatives by combining Kodak Alaris' "INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution."

Realizing secure scanning with INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and INfuse AX Scanner

Kodak Alaris' INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and INfuse AX Scanner are responsible for digitizing medical documents on the front end of the Smart Cabinet Cloud.

  • Digitize paper information in conjunction with business applications

  • Check digitized information in real time to provide feedback on issues

  • Centrally manage devices and settings with INfuse management software

The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution is designed to work with partner-developed applications to digitize paper information at the forefront of business and efficiently integrate it into business processes.It can be operated over a network connection, with digitized information capable of being securely and centrally managed with scanners installed at a separate location.

Components of Smart Connected Scanning Solution

Components of Smart Connected Scanning Solution

It can be checked in real time at the time of scanning and immediately detects errors such as missing required information, in addition to providing feedback thereon in order to encourage corrections and help you get the right information.

The INfuse management software also integrates access to APIs to enable device configuration, workflow management, and license management all at once for many INfuse AX Scanners.

  • Enterprise grade security

  • Simply connect to the network, with no PC or driver required

  • Easy setup; anyone can easily scan

  • Vivid and high quality images by “perfect page” technology

INfuse AX Scanners can be used only by directly connecting the main body to the network. There is no need to install PCs or drivers.INfuse AX Scanner is equipped with enterprise grade security features. Digitized data protects sensitive content and is securely transmitted to the cloud with secure transfers that separate data signals from scanner-controlled signals.

The INfuse AX Scanner can be configured by scanning just a single setup sheet, eliminating the need for end-user training.Simply set the manuscript and press the button to complete the scan, digitize it, and send it to the cloud.Scanned images are vivid and high quality using Kodak Alaris' unique Perfect Page Technology, enabling high visibility and accurate information.

INfuse AX Scanner

The combination of the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and the INfuse AX Scanner enables integrated operation from digitizing paper information to storing it in the cloud as well as integrating it into business systems.

Community health care cooperation and community comprehensive care to support Japan's aging society

  • Japan has entered a full-fledged aging society

  • Supporting the elderly through community health care cooperation and community comprehensive care

  • Requires cooperation between nursing homes, community healthcare centers, and public medical institutions

In Japan, as a full-fledged aging society, it is necessary to comprehensively realize medical care, nursing care, and life support in the regions in which the elderly live, so that they can live their own lives in that region until the end.In order to achieve this, it is necessary to share information on patients with nursing homes, community medical institutions, and public medical institutions to promote smooth cooperation, and make effective use of the functions of each institution to create an environment in which people can receive sustainable and appropriate medical care and nursing care services in their region.

At issue is medical-related paper documents

  • Linking electronic medical records and paper-based medical documents

  • Handling of personal information such as home-visit nursing records, nursing care records, and referrals

  • Securing storage space for ever-increasing documents

While electronic medical records have become popular, there are still many paper-based medical documents such as home-visit nursing records, nursing care records, and referrals.Storing information on paper not only makes it difficult to share information, but also requires double management with electronic medical records, in addition to the issue of storage space for the documents.

DX solution by Smart Cabinet Cloud

  • Securely digitize medical documents such as home-visit nursing records, nursing care records, and referrals at the base location

  • Securely store, share, and manage documents through a dedicated cloud service

  • Resolve the issue of space to store documents

  • Realize a centralized management of unstructured data information

With the Smart Cabinet Cloud, you can scan and digitize daily medical documents on the spot and securely share and manage them with dedicated cloud services.Reduce the cost of storage space for paper documents while realizing community medical cooperation and sharing patient information.

In addition, registration functions in line with the hospital's business flow, easy-to-use image management functions, and browsing and search functions enable efficient use in conjunction with electronic medical records.

Not only scanned electronic data, but also article information on electronic medical record systems, nursing records, referrals for department system, discharge summaries, and records can be generated, registered, and managed in PDF format, allowing the centralized management of unstructured data information, which was previously difficult.

The Smart Cabinet Cloud is a comprehensive solution for digitizing, sharing, and managing medical documents in response to e-document law.

Operation image of Smart Cabinet Cloud

Key functions of Smart Cabinet Cloud

QR code scan sheet function

By scanning the QR code sheet along with the target document, the barcode information will be read upon data registration and will be linked to the patient’s basic information and reflected in the input form.

Smart Cabinet QR code scan sheet function

Readable barcode format: QR code, UCC/EAN-128, Code39, Code128, NW-7

  • In order to avoid reading errors, print two bars on the top and bottom of the barcode in case it is one-dimensional. Perform a logic check using the check digit of the read barcode

  • For scanning work, provide the following formats in which necessary information can manually be filled: pre-organizing day; pre-organizing personnel entry field; number of sheets entry field; scan day; scan personnel entry field; and other comment fields

*Actual entry items will be adjusted upon request.

View function - image viewer

Image viewer starts in another screen.

Smart Cabinet Image Viewer
  • Displays the content of scanned images for the selected patient

  • Supports PDF, JPEG, TIFF formats

  • Image data of the same patient can be displayed simultaneously on multiple client terminals

  • Approximately 10 pages from the beginning can be displayed within five seconds even in the middle of loading the image data

  • The final page can be displayed while loading all thumbnails

  • 30 pages can be flipped within 10 seconds

The following functions are available in the viewer. Thumbnail view (corresponding to three display modes: display all images; simultaneously display images and thumbnail images; and fully display thumbnail images)/zooming in and out/rotating/vertical fit, horizontal fit/page forwarding (linked with mouse wheel)/contrast adjustment/brightness adjustment

Search function - matrix view

Smart Cabinet Matrix View
  • When the matrix view screen is switched to weekly display, the first page of the registered image will be displayed in the thumbnail list

  • Images are displayed by "display one," "display date," "bulk display by document type," and "display all"

  • Once the desired image is selected from the thumbnails in the matrix view, the content thereof will be displayed

  • To display a zoomed image, activate the dedicated viewer in another screen.

Full-text search function

Smart Cabinet Full-Text Search Function
  • Extract texts from electronic documents such as scanned PDFs and uploaded Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., then register them in the database to perform a full-text search

  • Since the texts before and after the target keyword will be displayed in the search results list, it is possible to check the contents before displaying the entire document

  • Supports a filtered search by combining with index items such as patient number, clinical department, document type, etc.

  • When registering index information, it is possible to input information including patient information, clinical department, large classification, and medium classification while displaying data in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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