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Increase efficiency and transparency in educational institutions and decrease operational expenses

Faculty and staff spend too much time with paper-based processes that can hinder productivity and student development. Automating information capture can provide huge payoffs to educators, in records management as well as curriculum development and new student admissions. Kodak Alaris can help by accurately scanning records digitally so that time and money can be saved for filing and accessing documents for greater transparency.
Implement accurate and reliable capture by using scanners from Kodak Alaris that offer Perfect Page Technology for optimal data extraction results from bubble tests and forms, and straight-through paper path, adjustable feeders,  passport scanning, and a built-in A4 book-edge flatbed for safe scanning of photographs, books, identification cards, and fragile paper documents like birth certificates. Easily route, archive, or share documents between student services, admissions, and financial aid with our capture software that can automatically recognize and index forms, bubble tests, and marked checked boxes (OMR), or decrease time and complexity for admissions & aid which meets 95% of education onboarding requirements.

Read below how Kodak Alaris is a proven expert in capture solutions for all levels of education. 

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Document Logistix leverages production scanner from Kodak Alaris to deliver custom back-scanning project for The University of Oxford

Oxford Univerity

Document Logistix creates document management solutions that help eliminate the use of paper, improve records management and automate business processes.

Increase Efficiency and Save Operational Expenses in Educational Institutions

Students in a classroom

Education, from Kindergarten through higher ed., faces a unique array of challenges. But none so pressing as: how do you optimize processes on such tight budgets?

Guide to Optical Character Recognition

Kodak Alaris Optical Character Recognition

Learn what OCR is, how it works, and why it’s so essential to our personal and professional lives.

Why Kodak Alaris for Information Capture

Why Kodak Alaris

When organizations extend their digital transformation journey by moving from manual processes and adding capture software and process automation, they can deliver a variety of benefits that positively impact their performance and profitability. Kodak Alaris is the ideal partner as we offer the best technology for every phase of the capture journey.

How to Create a More Efficient Home Office

Alaris Home Office Efficiency

Boost your efficiency by including these key elements in your home office.


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