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Meeting the forms processing challenge

In today’s fast-paced economy, working from paper forms can cause delays that leave your business behind. Read below how solutions from Kodak Alaris rapidly and easily convert forms into accurate, actionable information, speeding your business processes, and lowering costs.

How Kodak Alaris turns forms into fuel for business productivity

Having to manually key in data from forms slows down your business and can introduce errors, costly rework, and more delays. Discover below how Kodak Alaris can speed and automate forms processing, injecting accurate data to power your business processes.

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How to Handle Business Taxes Remotely

Tax Forms and a cup of coffee

Remote tax filing can be easy if you have a way to share important documents with your tax preparer.

Guide to Optical Character Recognition

Kodak Alaris Optical Character Recognition

Learn what OCR is, how it works, and why it’s so essential to our personal and professional lives.

Tips for Scanning Personal Documents and Organizing Your Digital Life

Kodak Alaris Tips for scanning important documents

Drowning in paper? Learn how to efficiently scan your personal documents and organize your digital life.

Why Kodak Alaris for Information Capture

Why Kodak Alaris

When organizations extend their digital transformation journey by moving from manual processes and adding capture software and process automation, they can deliver a variety of benefits that positively impact their performance and profitability. Kodak Alaris is the ideal partner as we offer the best technology for every phase of the capture journey.

Top Myths About Intelligent Document Capture

Intelligent Document Capture Kodak Alaris

Learn about the six biggest misperceptions surrounding intelligent document capture and why they’re not true.

Data Dives – Episode 10: The Vote is in the Mail

Alaris Data Dives Podcast

A look at voting by mail and elections