The customer onboarding challenge

The first impression a new customer has starts with onboarding. Manual processes create longer sign-up times. Leading to lower customer satisfaction.


Customer onboarding has many challenges

Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Improve Customer Onboarding

See how scanning and capture software enable you to improve customer onboarding in a highly efficient and customer friendly way.

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Customer onboarding banking and loan origination Kodak Alaris

Take The Complexity Out Of Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding should be the first step in a trusted, profitable relationship. But, today, data chaos gets in the way.

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Smart capture methods for onboarding

Customer acquisition is a critical moment for any business. Distributed and web-based capture brings them on faster, with improved satisfaction.

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Loan origination – Account opening – New client onboarding – Insurance underwriting – Credit reports – Abstracts and deeds – Mortgage applications

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Healthcare Providers

Medical records - Healthcare proxy - Admission note - Insurance pre-authorization - Photo identification - Health insurance cards - Privacy notice - Records release

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Policy quotes – Proposal forms – Certificate of insurance – Coverage notes – Claims forms – Proof of identification

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Client intake forms - Deposition transcripts - Interview notes - Records release forms - Pleadings - Court documents - Evidence

See how others conquered this challenge
Alaris solutions


Title - Bill of Sale - Proof of inspection - Credit report - Proof of purchase - Warranty - Service contracts

See how others conquered this challenge

/ Finance Expedite onboarding during tax season

Kodak scanner allows CPA’s to collect all their clients forms in one-go, freeing up time and storage.

Harry Sealfon had managed over 350 clients by himself. Eventually, document storage became a problem, and copying each specific client file became a nuisance. He needed a solution to scan documents into his computer to save time and storage space.

I wanted to have a client come in, sit down, hand me their input, put it in my scanner, chat with them for a couple minutes, and hand their documents back to them.

/ Finance Insurance claims processing in the field

Distributed scanning lets agents onboard customers real-time

Insurance field agents were using an inefficient and expensive paper-based system. Important documents had to be collected, packaged, and sent overnight to the home office for processing. This made the customer onboarding process laborious and frustrating.

It's a great example of how the right technology can turn an inefficient manual process into a highly effective digital one.

/ Healthcare Providers Upscaling medical records scanning

Kodak Alaris offers a fast, flexible, and cost effective solution to messy patient files and high volume scan needs.

To stay competitive in the market, DataScan needed a document scanning system for their high volume of patient records.

High volume scanners are perfect for processing documents like invoices which are very standardized. You load them up, press scan and walk away.

/ Insurance Insurance Company shortens the timeframe needed to issue policies

Kodak Alaris scanners backed by local service and Support leads to a competitive advantage for Zurich International Life

The insurance industry is very competitive and customers expect their agents to quickly respond to their needs. The key to success is delivering an automated process, backed by top quality scanners and fast service.

We have been pampered when it comes to Kodak Alaris. On the service front, there has never been a downtime issue or escalation. 

/ Legal Law firm clients lighten their workloads

Kodak Alaris was key to 15-20% services increase

TMG staffers were spending 75% of their time duplicating legal documents by photocopying or scanning, and had no way to extract relevant information from the documents.

TMG’s services increased 15-20% and saved over $30k on the cost of leasing trucks.

/ Retail Car dealer has a smooth ride with digital information

Kodak Alaris helped create a smooth flow of digital information across multiple dealerships

Gosch Group of automotive dealerships creates 250,000 plus documents per month. Each new customer creates piles of paperwork. Using paper-based systems, the dealerships stored documents off site and were running out of room.

On a scale of one to ten, I’d say we are at a nine plus in satisfaction.

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