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Category: Regulatory Compliance

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The Power of Partnerships: Driving Digital Transformation Forward

“Digital transformation” has become a catch-all phrase used to encapsulate a wide range of business strategies and processes, but for Kodak Alaris and our partners, the term has a direct and literal meaning that connects to the real business value we consistently deliver to organizations around the world. Read Article >>

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How Kodak Alaris Helps Businesses Meet Sustainability Goals

Environmental initiatives have become an important focus of business planning and operations worldwide. Companies have become more transparent regarding sustainable and socially responsible business practices. A recent study by KPMG found that 96% of the largest 250 companies in the world report on their sustainability performance using a variety of metrics. Read Article >>

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5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Are Transforming Records Management

Data accuracy is critical in the demanding and fast-paced world of healthcare administration. Healthcare providers and administrators face a constant influx of patients and a vast amount of data that must be managed carefully and thoroughly, with regulatory compliance and confidentiality top of mind. Read Article >>

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Modernize Medicaid Processing with Kodak Alaris

CNSI is a leading healthcare IT solutions provider. We've seen the power of technology in transforming healthcare services, and our collaboration with Kodak Alaris to serve the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) is a prime example of that. We are thrilled to say that we have successfully transformed Wyoming’s Medicaid processing system with the help of Kodak Alaris solutions. Read Article >>