Choosing the Best Document Scanner Software for Batch Scanning

By Kara Rayburn, Global Manager, Portfolio Marketing & Web

Batch scanning software is easy to use and ideal for helping busy workplaces save time on large-scale scans without sacrificing quality.

If your company or organization has had to digitize a high volume of paper documents in the past, you’re probably familiar with batch scanning. Batch scanning is the process of scanning multiple documents, usually a large amount, in one simple process. Batch scanning will process multiple pages and then separate them back out into their respective documents, determined via page number, page count, barcode reading, or another variable method.

Why Batch Scanning?

The process of scanning batches is ideal for busy environments where scanning each individual document or paper (such as pieces of mail or papers to be archived in different categories) is time-consuming, and would take up too much space in the database. Batch scanning using great document scanner software helps streamline this process, eliminate time-consuming pre- and post-scanning manual duties, and effectively share, organize, and digitize a large batch of files at high speeds.

Advantages of Batch Scanning Software

Quality batch scanning software reduces manual intervention while providing a reliable capture of the document scanned. The software scans a large volume of files at the same time, working with either one computer and scanner or multiple as they convert the paper files into image files and digital documents.

Here are two of the best document scanning software solutions from Kodak Alaris. This software is easy to use and ideal for helping busy workplaces save time on large-scale scans without sacrificing quality.

Smart Touch Technology Software

Smart Touch technology software is included with most scanners from Kodak Alaris and is an easy step-by-step tool for scanning multiple documents. This easy to use software allows you to reliably save your documents as popular digital formats and quickly share to destinations such as email, Microsoft Office, Evernote, SharePoint, Google Drive, cloud services, and other third-party applications.

To further save you time, Smart Touch technology lets you configure up to 20 different functions to meet your unique scanning needs. You can also create searchable PDFs and then use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to instantly search content. With simple copy and paste tools, you’ll never have an issue.

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Capture Pro Software

Capture Pro Software quickly converts scanned files into crisp high-quality images. Its Perfect Page technology component automatically sends each document through over 30 image quality enhancements at high speeds, and its dual-stream scanning feature creates both archive-ready color and black and white images in just one scan.

Capture Pro Software can also save you a good amount of time throughout the scanning process. First, it reduces the amount of time you spend manually preparing documents by automatically switching jobs and profiles during batch scans.

Intelligent Exception Handling then identifies missing information such as signatures or lost pages and flags questionable information for review, reducing the need for manual quality control before, during, and after scanning.

Finally, once scanning is complete, Capture Pro Software can read barcodes on the documents to automatically extract, index, and route data to platforms such as Sharepoint.

Capture Pro Software works seamlessly with scanners and intelligent tech features to improve workflows and organization. The Limited Edition comes with many scanners from Kodak Alaris, and it’s simple to upgrade to the full version, which is great for high-volume projects.

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Contact Kodak Alaris to find out more about which document scanner software will work best for your needs, whether you’re looking to focus on high-quality image capture or simple, easy-to-transfer document scanning. Alaris makes a variety of award-winning document scanners and image processing software solutions, so you can get any scanning job done with confidence.

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smart touch

Smart Touch Technology

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  • Configure up to twenty different functions to fit your specific scanning needs
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Alaris Capture Pro

Capture Pro Software

  • Ideal for paper-intensive business applications
  • Extensive integration with ECM systems
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