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Kodak Alaris is helping businesses connect to their remote teams

Moving business-critical data between home-based workers and back end systems for processing can be a challenge, especially when workers are remote. When this data is trapped on paper then this issue is significantly amplified. Kodak Alaris keeps you productive with access to the information that is vital to day to day processes and decisions — from anywhere the work is done.

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Versatile Capture Software

Utilize software to capture and access information for your teams at the office, or in the home office

Capture Documents On the Go

Enter documents into the same workflow as if scanned back in the office

Digitized Paper From Anywhere

Empower mobile workers with direct paths for paper documents to get into digital systems faster

Distribute Vital Information

Optimize your mail and vital documents to keep communication flowing to customers and remote employees

Support where you need it

Leverage our repair and maintenance services to keep your vital information flowing


Identify New Ways to Work

Discover ways to adapt to a changing world with professional services

Industry Solutions

Tight technology integration between hardware and software gives you smarter, more efficient ways to capture information. Learn more about how our capture solutions help with your digital transformation- anywhere the work is done.


Bringing paper documents into workflows is critical for easy access to the information you need to process customer loans and applications quickly. Kodak Alaris can help banks, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions to boost productivity and enhance document workflows to reduce time to approvals and improve customer satisfaction.


Scanning public forms, judicial records and other vital documents at the point of origin into automated workflows enable governments to meet mandates and improve efficiencies. Kodak Alaris solutions aid local and federal governments to better serve citizens.


Kodak Alaris can help Healthcare Providers and Payers with patient admission forms, medical records, and back-office processes by digitizing documents into workflows. This allows for better compliance with regulations and improved patient experience.

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Harness the power of data chaos

Businesses are dealing with an exponential growth of data. See how customers have overcome some of the toughest challenges for document-intensive work.

Mailroom Automation

Mailrooms can be complex and chaotic. Leading to loss of productivity and efficiency. This decreases your ability to deliver a customer experience with reliable results.

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Records Management

Throughout the document lifecycle data needs to meet compliance requirements and corporate retention policies. All while avoiding human-error from manual processes.

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Forms Processing

Processing paper-based forms is slow and error prone. Hand-keying data into digital systems slows the speed of your business and can carry high labor costs.

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Customer Onboarding

The first impression a new customer has starts with onboardingManual processes create longer sign-up times. Leading to lower customer satisfaction.

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Accounts Payable Automation

A paper-based accounts payable process can bring your business agility to a halt. Time is wasted matching invoices with purchase orders, manually routing forms and chasing approvals.

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