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High Volume Scanners Add Automation for BPOs

Kodak Alaris Beils Case Study

Biel's Document Management stays cutting edge with new scanning solutions from Alaris

Cleardata Service Bureau Case Study

Cleardata Archive Storage

Four million monthly images is no problem for Cleardata, one of the UK's largest Service Bureaus

Eliminazione della complessità dai processi di automazione dell'ufficio postale interno

Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Automatizzazione dell'ufficio postale interno I Infografica
L'acquisizione della posta direttamente al punto di ingresso in azienda, nonché l'invio digitale garantiscono vantaggi straordinari. Scopri come.

The compelling case for digital mailrooms

Kodak Alaris Go Paperless

Mailroom Automation | Article
Today, the mail has gone digital, bringing with it significant ROI improvements and customer satisfaction benefits. Digital transformation can help you automate for better results.

Why BPO Is Gaining Steam

Accounts Payable | Article
By outsourcing back-office workflows, organizations can focus their attention on serving customers and delivering value.