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Kodak i3200スキャナーで業務効率化、人時削減を達成

Kodak Alaris Case Study

和歌山県に本社を置き、食品スーパーマーケットやドラッグストアなど計40店舗を展開する廣岡グループ。2015年に仕入れ伝票処理の業務フローにKodak i3200 Scanner(以下、i3200)とKodak Capture Pro Softwareを導入、業務の効率化と人時の削減を果たすことに成功した。その過程にはどのような判断があったのだろうか。

Automating Accounts Payable

Healthworld document management

Accounts Payable | Case Study
Healthworld, a leading supplier of Natural Medicines, began looking in 2015 for a solution to scan documents and integrate with SharePoint.

Branch scanning solves claims processing

Forms Processing | Case Study
While for many organizations going paperless remains a pipe dream, at Belfius Insurance it became a reality thanks to document management specialist ProceDo and Kodak Alaris’ network scanners.

High Volume Scanners Add Automation for BPOs

Kodak Alaris Beils Case Study

Biel's Document Management stays cutting edge with new scanning solutions from Alaris

Government Agency Moves From Paper to Digital Records

Kodak Alaris Records Management

Data Repro Com Ltd enables sophisticated implementation of scanning, storage, and active file management solution, aided by information capture technology from Alaris