Fast and Secure Mail-in Ballot Processing

Mail-in ballots have become increasingly common in US elections. We’re helping election offices manage this critical process with a mail-in ballot scanning solution that’s fast, accurate, and secure.

Developed in the USA

Improve Ballot Processing Efficiency by 95%

A typical elections office worker can process about 50 ballot envelopes per hour. With the ballot processing solution from Kodak Alaris, a single operator can process about 1,000 ballots per hour. This is a 95% increase in ballot processing efficiency! Our solution adds speed, accuracy, and security:

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Fast envelope scanning and signature verification

Automation improves mail-in ballot processing efficiency by 95%

Ballots can be processed immediately upon arrival

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Unmatched accuracy reading signatures

Automatic signature matching with integrated voter registration database



Fewer operators handling ballots

Date, time, and batch number imprinted on each ballot

Automatic detection of ballots intended for other counties or elections

Automated Mail-in Ballot Processing

Before a vote is counted, the ballot has to be verified. Mail-in ballots have become prominent in the U.S. in recent years, producing an overwhelming amount of envelopes that must be processed over a short period of time. Speed and accuracy are critical. Our solution enables election agencies to automate ballot verification, which significantly improves processing time and reduces human resource requirements.

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How Our Mail-in Ballot Processing Solution Works

  1. Ballots received via mail are fed into the Kodak i4000 Series Scanner, which scans both sides of each ballot envelope and imprints a date & time stamp with batch number and sequence information.
  2. The Vote By Mail software automatically captures the signature on the envelope and compares it to the record in the Voter Registration Database. A comparison score is generated.
  3. Based on the comparison score, the signature is either validated or flagged for further manual validation.
  4. Validated signature and ballot information is automatically exported to the Election Management Software.

It’s important to note that this solution does not open the envelope or record a vote into the voter registration system.

The Kodak Alaris Mail-in Ballot Processing Solution Includes

  • Kodak i4000 Series Scanner and imprinter accessory
  • LogicWorks VBMScan system software
  • Parascript Signature Verification license
  • Professional installation of all hardware and software
  • 1 Year on-site NBD Care Kit
  • 1 Year VBMScan System & Signature Verification Software assurance

Our award-winning scanners are developed in the USA and provide unmatched exception handling, integrations into counting solutions, and security/fraud detection. Our proven services provide on-site maintenance, project management, election processes support and training, DR Plans, election consultancy/insurance, and resource planning.


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