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Meeting the accounts payable challenge

Delays and errors in your accounts payable process can damage business relationships and distort your financial picture, which can lead to bad business decisions. Solutions from Kodak Alaris can turn your accounts payable process into a strategic asset, rapidly and accurately capturing critical information to support cash flow management, expedite payments to key business partners, and streamline back-office workflows.

Invoice to Information Processing Diagram

Kodak Alaris turns accounts payable into valuable insights

Accounts payable into insightReal-time visibility into expenditures and credits takes the guesswork out of financial decisions and helps expose cash-flow problems and irregularities, including potential fraud. Kodak Alaris streamlines and transforms your accounts payable workflows, accurately accelerating financial information flow from paper documents into digital processes.

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Capture and Enhance

  • Capture Process
    Copy, Search, and File records 

    Multiple document types

    • Intelligent Job Select automatically switches scan profile and settings without operator intervention
    • Change scanning parameters for different document types at the touch of a button. Up to 20 customizable buttons available

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    Combine multiple items into one 

    Multiple Sources

    • Web-based and mobile capture enables paper and electronic documents to follow the same document workflow.
    • Automates processing of invoices and reduces PC demands, operating off central server

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    Image Quality

    • Captures better-than- original document images with the smallest file size in the industry
    • Powerful image adjustment tools improve image quality by correcting skewed scans, adjusting contrast, and more
    • High-quality images minimize downstream keying and post-scan document retrieval
    • Intelligent Exception reduces manual tasks and costly delays by checking for missing information such as dates and costs

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    Folded Paper 

    Paper Handling

    • Reduces manual intervention and costly delays with features like Intelligent Exception handling, metal detection and ultrasonic multi-feeding sensors
    • Minimizes pre-sort with the ability to reliably feed mixed documents such as checks and invoices
    • Multifeed handling lets operator decide on the fly whether to accept or rescan
    • Controlled output stacking neatly places pages in the output tray

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Convert and Validate

  • Extract Classify and Verify 
    Document Types 


    • Automatic pre-sorting eliminates manual effort and human error.
    • Automatic routing based on business rules streamlines critical workflows.
    • Easily classify scanned documents based on content (OCR/OMR), layout, Intelligent Barcode Reading and/or indexing to accurately pull data directly from invoices into your process.
    • Machine learning establishes classification from just one or two samples, quickly reducing manual labor and human error.
    • The system automatically notifies the scanner operator if document classification is unclear, and then learns from the experience.

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    • Rules-based data extraction quickly routes document information to business databases.
    • Industry-leading OCR accuracy provides peace of mind, even when multiple colors are dropped out in a document.
    • Identify and extract document metadata for use in storage, retrieval, and routing.
    • Automatic indexing extracts document data via Intelligent Barcode Reading, OCR, ICR, or OMR, which significantly reduces processing time.

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    • Validation at the point of capture reduces costly delays and rework, which improves customer satisfaction.
    • The system automatically identifies errors such as missing signatures, empty fields, or blurry images.
    • Rules-based validation, such as comparing field values in a form, improves data integrity.
    • Operators are automatically alerted when documents need manual verification or correction.

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Output and Route

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